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Teen Job Search: 9 Important Keys to Finding the Job That Suites you Best

Most teenagers are looking for ways to earn extra income and want to do something to boost their morale, at the same time, make them feel more mature and ready to face the world. This is why teen job search is so rampant nowadays.

A teen job has to be worth spending the time of a curious teenage mind. The key to finding the job that fits you best is knowing which one would be parallel to your personality and character. However, since teenagers are still in the point of not knowing exactly what they want, it is best to do something that catches one’s interest.

How would you know then what type of job you will get yourself into? One way to help you on your teen job search is by evaluating yourself through these essential questions:

1.) What are the things that I enjoy doing?

2.) Are you a techie type of person who spends lots of time in front of a computer? Then you might enjoy working on tutorials. Teach other people to use the computer or you may get home jobs for other people who cannot do their computer tasks, such as programming or encoding.

3.) Do you love to cook or do things around the kitchen? If that is so, then you can bake cookies, cakes or pastries and sell it to neighbors, friends, communities or perhaps stores which look for these products to sell.

4.) Do you love art or making something out of scraps? If you do, then you can do some handicrafts or hand maid cards and sell these to specialty stores or to friends. Surely by endorsements or referrals, you will have more clients if they like your work.

5.) Are you sort of a handyman who fix and do the leg work around the house? Then you can take jobs for indoor house painting, lawn mowing, plumbing and other fixes around the house. Offer your services to friends or neighbors within your village or subdivision who do not know or have no time to do these things anymore. Just ensure that you are equipped and well knowledgeable of the things you will have to do before accepting the job.

6.) Do you love to organize things or are you the type who enjoys paper work? If you are, then you are highly qualified for summer or part time jobs in small offices that need assistance for clerical works or even in big offices who accept student trainee. Who knows, you might end up getting hired permanently.

7.) Are you the type who loves to groom or reinvent yourself in terms of clothing, and style your hair differently based on the trend? If yes, then do not think that there is no job for you, surely there is. You can do grooming things such are hair accessories and clothes accessories then sell them. You may also apply to fashion stores as part time sales assistant. Clients will surely commend you for good fashion advice.

8.) Do you have future ambition to work in government? Then it’s not impossible to pursue it beginning from teenage years. There are countless of government entities to get into. There are so many teen job searches within the government.

9.) Are you the type who just wants to work for experience and not after the pay? If you are, then do voluntary works. Community works or charitable works are the best. Volunteer in your church, government or private organization.

There is no reason to confine your self at home during summer or after school. There is no reason to just dwell on your curiosity of having a taste of the real world for working people. Just ask yourself and look around you and your teen job search is resolved. Best thing to remember is to do things because you love doing so and not just because you have to. Most people become rich and successful by doing the things that they love and enjoy most.

For teenagers who are in search for ways to earn extra income, there certainly are various ways to make money quick and easy. Your opportunities are only limited by the measure of your own desire to succeed.

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Jocelyn Marfa is a freelance writer and an online entrepreneur. She has been writing articles around different topics including home management and parenting.

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