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Do I need to complete a cover letter if i have a job offer?

I’ve been offered a job and need to send in my CV asap. But i need to know if it is necessary to submit a cover letter along with my CV or just leave it? It is a job offer and i’m not applying the job, just accepting the offer. What’s the right way to accept this offer?

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One Response to “Do I need to complete a cover letter if i have a job offer?”

  1. TC says:

    I would say if this is a formality, you need a cover letter addressed to the person receiving the CV and basically saying, “Enclosed is my CV for your files in regard to the___ position I was offered. If you need anything further, please let me know. Sincerely…” You might also add a line or two about how excited you are to accept this offer and look forward to working with them.

    You don’t need a cover letter to “sell yourself” if you’ve already been offered the job; but it’s professional to send a general cover accompanying anything you’re sending to someone.

    Plus, if your CV is sent w/o a cover, you don’t know if it’ll get to the right person, or if he/she will remember who you are and why you’re sending it.

    Congrats on the job!

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