Do I mention a job on resume when terminated for non work related issues?

I have been working for a healthcare company for over 9 months, and was terminated today based on negative relations with the aides of the facility, do I waste this job as a resume addition, even though there was nothing wrong with my work? Should I never mention it to another employer? Or should I mention it and explain?

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5 Responses to “Do I mention a job on resume when terminated for non work related issues?”

  1. emmie verley says:

    It’s critical to have a excellent resume, it is worth taking the time to create something that looks fantastic and does the job properly. The website in the box below has lots of information on resumes and assistance with other jobs.

  2. Barry White says:

    If it’s not an important part of your work history, I’d skip it. But if you feel that the experience from this job is required to show that you are qualified for the one you are applying for you will need to leave it on there, just be prepared to put a positive spin on your termination.

    We are talking about a resume and not an application, right? You have to list everything on an app, what you put on your resume is up to you as long as it is factual.

  3. ET says:

    mention it and explain. Omitting it is “falsification” on a job application. Anytime your new employer finds out, even 20 years from now, it is condition for termination.

  4. Rebecca G says:

    Well I think you should put the job on your resume, unless you don’t need it for experience. If you can just say you were unemployed, especially for some decent reason like caring for a sick grandmother, that would be a lot better.

    If you want to keep it on your resume you need to think of a good story that is kind of true for why you left the job. I think you definitely can’t say that you had negative relations with aides, that sounds like you are a creep and I don’t think anyone would give you a chance.

    I would need to know more about the situation to help you find a positive spin on it that is not exactly a lie, but maybe say something like it was a very tight-knit social environment at that workplace and half of them were abusing drugs and you aren’t into that so you didn’t really fit in socially and that’s why you ended up leaving. Don’t use that, but try to think along those lines.

  5. Judy says:

    Don’t mention getting fired on a resume. If it comes up in an interview, explain it then.