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New Job Search? Offer a Bonus!

As with many, starting a new job search is tough. As with myself, a lot of times, I submitted to pleny of job sites and waited for results. It feels a little awkward. You submit, then wait. Within hours, you may get a lead, but as it turns out, it may be a work from home scam, or a job you would not even want. So, how do you separate yourself? What makes you different, besides you’re the best?

What do you think about offering someone a free dinner? or maybe a free gift certificate? Recently, there have been articles in several of the highly viewed news sites where people are willing to give a prize or offer to someone that helps them find a job. Why not? Times are tough, we’ll do what it takes to get noticed.

Would the recruiter pay attention to a bonus? Well, we’ll never know. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes for a second. I’m looking to hire someone. There are a lot of resumes, I’m tired and I have a lot of work to do. Your resume says “Hiring Bonus”. Well, I’d like a bonus. Let’s take a look at that to see what it is. Immediately, you have grabbed their attention for a couple of seconds longer. Maybe that’s all it takes. Maybe deep down inside we wouldn’t want to think it would affect someone’s thoughts of you, but, in reality, a nice dinner or gift certificate would be nice.

So, the idea is to separate yourself from the rest. Maybe you could put the hiring bonus on your resume? Well, that may be a little cheesy. But, there are sites, for free, where you could post your resume and show that you are offering an incentive to hire you. This way, you are indirectly letting them know you give a bonus. Sure, it may cost you a dinner, but now that you have a job, a dinner is a lot more affordable.

So, if you are submitting your resume, don’t forget to put in links to sites that tell about you. Maybe it’s Linked In, PayForJobs, or others. As always, make sure everything about you on the site is good! As always, best of luck when searching for that new job!

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