What?s Wrong With Most Resumes?

Having written, edited, and critiqued literally thousands of resumes in all fields for over 30 years, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that most resumes fail to capture the attention of potential employers for 7 predictable (and curable) reasons. These are:

1. Lack of focus. Most resumes I see look like a random laundry list of everything the person has done in his or her career. There are also endless lists of skills, personal characteristics, numerical results, verbs, unnecessary detail, and often details that are not written…


Resume Writing (When Well-Written Resumes Don’t Work)

Job seekers spend more time fretting over their resumes than any other process during a job search. This is because most believe that the resume serves as a magic bullet. But no matter how great you sound on paper, the reality is that a resume can get you only so far in the job search, even if it is well written. Visit www.careerstrides.com
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Optimal Resume’s Resume Builder

An overview of how to use Optimal Resume to create an interview-winning resume
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Writing Effective Resumes for Jobs in Canada

When looking for a job in Canada, one should keep in mind that most Canadian employers look at the job seeker’s resume first. As an applicant, one needs to invoke an interest in the potential employer by crafting a professional resume. Professionally prepared resumes are a direct reflection of the job seeker’s seriousness and commitment towards his or her career.

Certain rules should be kept in mind, regardless of which country one is pursuing job opportunities. For example, even a minor lapse in grammar or a spelling mistake will…


where i will get free sample resumes.? SUITABLE JOBS?

I am 43 old, MA , PG Diploma in advertising, working in advt company as audio visual executive, 20 years experience in the same field. knowledge in production, making ad films ,corp av, jingles, spots .event management in rural areas. rural promotion activities, contacting the rural shows, experience in mobile van activities. tamil and english read and write well, speak telugu,
handing clients are MRF form tyres, ACC cements (full south)
Shriram inverstments (south), Shriram Chits – Karnataka, T.Stanes -Coimbatore. Everest Cement sheets, Consul Ups systems, Sonata watchs,…


Resumes Get You Interviews Part 3

www.resumes.info Resumes get you interviews. How to write a Professional Resume on your Own. See real live resume critique. Critique. Resume writing skills shown. See How to get a job using a Resume.
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Resume Cover Letter Templates – Great for Sending Multiple Resumes

The cover letter plays a very important role in any applicant’s job application. It is the part that the employer checks whether the applicant is worthy of the job. Since it is the introduction, it often serves as the indicator whether the employer should continue reading the applicant’s resume or just discard it along with the others who failed to impress him.

Most people fail to realize this. They think that the cover letter is nothing but an unnecessary requirement and all it does is introduce the applicant.…


Making Electronic Resumes Work For You

We’re living in an electronic world, which means it’s pretty important that when it comes to resumes you learn to be an electronic girl – or boy. There are a high percentage of companies that prefer that job candidates submit applications and resumes online. So if you don’t know how to do so, you may find yourself left behind your technologically advanced competition.

The good news is that it’s not difficult to understand the basics of electronic resumes. If you know how to type basic documents and send emails…


Vault Video Guide to Video Resumes

Want to get the edge on the rest of the job competition? Then check out this video and learn how to create your very own video resume and stand out from the crowd!
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SES resumes writing- Top Tips for You

The way you approach the drafting of a résumé for the Senior Executive Services in the Federal Government is entirely different from drafting just any other type of résumé.  The requirements of the Senior Executive Services are entirely different and naturally, the résumé must be drafted accordingly.

The Senior Executive Services want an applicant to show concrete and proven evidence in multiple areas of competence. Therefore, there is no place for giving exaggerated information s you will need to provide credible, verifiable and objective information about the applicant’s…


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