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In Michigan how long can you wait after losing your job befour claiming unemployment?

I lost my job in October of 2008 when the furniture store i worked at closed. Since then i have been living off my savings and worked a couple of jobs i have not had a check in 3 weeks and out of money wondering if i can claim unemployment from the furniture store.

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3 Responses to “In Michigan how long can you wait after losing your job befour claiming unemployment?”

  1. Chuckie O says:

    The best time to claim unemployment is right after you lose your job.

  2. who cares says:

    you shoulda signed up already, you still can but not for three weeks ago there gonna be rude, wonder why you didnt sign up already, so expect it and yes they will probably have you draw of your longest job held but if you switched jobs there cant be any time in between jobs you have to go from one right to the other.

  3. zapata says:

    file a claim,asap,they want to know the last place you worked at,and if there is some issue besides lay off,ya gotta tellem,they’ll have it on computer,if it was in a job where the boss paid into the unemployment fund,but you have to declare it,if you were canned,or quit tell them why,cuz they notify the last employer who has the right to contest your claim

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