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Using Online Resume Samples – Some Disadvantages

Online resume samples can and do provide people who have never created a resume an easy out by letting them copy word for word. The idea, however, is to get an inspiration on how to create one. It’s important that the employer looks at your resume and not throw it in the trash. Using a sampled copy is bound to get your resume thrown into the ” Not a chance” pile even if you are more than qualified. No doubt many people commonly use these samples, making mistakes as frequent as this.

Pretend you are an employer, sifting through 10 resumes for a sales clerk position that’s just become open. As the one expected to do the hiring, you see half the resumes say the same phrase about the opened position. Would you really look at all of those or go to a resume that has imgination, creativity and is different? Red flags will send warnings that something is amiss with ones that all look alike and sound the same.

How could these people have written the same line differently. Example shown: “responsible for the management and supervision of sales staff, inventory control, financial planning and budget review.”

One person could have simply wrote:

Maintained and supervised different aspects of job including but not limited to clothing sales, budget review, etc.

Another prospector with the same experience could have written:

Responsible for management of whole sales along with store’s inventory and the budget development.

With a provided sample, people can take the information and modify it as they see fit. Not using the sample’s wording assures the chance your resume won’t get the once over and trash bin. Make the resume fit your personality. Another tip to remember type direct information on the resume instead of listing the generic information.

Use the online copy as a sample of how a resume should look like… a basic visual concept. Resumes do not have many ways that can make then stand out above all else. Even though there are several different styles such as a professional or elegant resume, even minor differences set it apart from Internet copied resumes.

Hint of advice – do not ever add too many extras because it will distract the employer from reading what is important… you and your qualifications.

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