Q&A: How do I go about starting a resume writing business?

Question by SexyMommy2B: How do I go about starting a resume writing business?
I have been helping people write resumes & cover letters for over 4 years now and am thinking about doing it on the side for extra cash. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about this and where to advertise?

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Answer by imisidro
Resume writing and job career counseling are thriving businesses because of the increasing competition in the labor force out there. You don’t just need a CV, but you need a…


Seeking a Job Pounding the Pavement – It’s All About Employment Networking

seeking employment

Seeking a job. Pounding the pavement. It is often said that it not how many people you know it is “Who You Know”. This is the essence itself of successful employment and hiring networking.

Person “A” knows person “C” who knows both “Z” and “K”. Thus by a proper and considerate presentation of yourself and as to why you would be an attribute as well as a profit creation center for the company, firm and organization in discussion, if you make a solid…


What should I do about this job search situation?

I’ve posted my resume online. Let me start with telling you about me. I am ethnic. My first name is French and my last name is Spanish. Well, I got an email today about a few jobs I am qualified for but the company says they a black professional networking community.

Should I apply for these positions? Do you think because of my ethnic sounding name, they contacted me?


What is legally allowed for an ex-employer to say to a new employer about your previous employment?

How much can a previous employer say about performance, why you left, and your position? I understand for most companies maintain the policy or the theory to get as much information as you can when inquiring about somebody, but give as little as possible when somebody calls to ask about a previous employee. What are the parameters of what they are allowed to say legally and in regards to liability? Does anyone in a Human Resource role know and how much gray area can occur?
I understand that they…


How to answer an interview question about how my job search has been going?

I have been asked this a few times. Do I want to say that I have been interviewing a lot and have them wonder why I haven’t been offered a position, or tell them I haven’t been interviewing much and come across as desperate?

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does anyone have an example of a cover letter where YOU ask specific questions about the job?

does anyone have an example of a cover letter where you ask specific questions about the job?
I cannot find an example on the internet.
Where you specifically ask what level is this position? and stuff like that.

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What Is The Buzz About Keywords, Your Resume And Applicant Tracking Systems?

What is the buzz about keywords, your resume and Applicant Tracking Systems?

Nowadays at most companies, applicant tracking system (ATS) software uses keywords to filter resumes before a human ever reviews them. Search results are sorted in a list from 100% match to 0% and if your resume is ranked as a 100% match, then you have 10 seconds to make the impression that you are the right candidate for the job. How do you get in the top 100%? What is the secret behind the term “keywords”?



Resume Tips – Something to think about

How many times have you picked up a magazine while waiting for an appointment and flipped through the hundreds of pages of articles? How long did it take you to decide whether or not to turn the page? Studies show that most people make this decision in less than 5 seconds.

This is the exact same scenario with your resume—it can be discarded within a matter of seconds. An example I always use to highlight this reality came during my experience as a recruitment agent in London. I was…


It’s September 2010: “STOP YOUR WHINING about the economy!”

Speaking out about the excuse making of a recent law school graduate who doesn’t seem to get that there is one employer that will always hire you, in spite of anything going on with the economy, IF you are willing to work for that employer. That employer is YOU. Obviously this is not ex President Bush speaking nor are you supposed to be stupid enough to believe it is, this is me. I speak from experience. At 18 in a strange new city…


Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Employment & Job Search

Employment Law

If there was ever a more complicated way to find lawyer categories attorney’s labor employment law, this particular string of search parameters would be it. Although if all you wanted to do was to find out where you could source a good labor lawyer, plugging in lawyer categories attorneys labor employment law will definitely give you a good starting point in your search.

Basically what you would need would be a comprehensive directory of the various kinds of labor lawyers/attorneys that specialize in a variety…


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