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Slam Dunk Cover Letters, 2/e

Product Description

More than 100 can’t-miss cover letters for any point along the career path

This revised and updated edition of Slam Dunk Cover Letters includes more than 100 samples of surefire cover letters for an array of career paths. Written in an upbeat, down-to-earth style, it arms you with priceless information on structure, style, and grammar; letter formats; and best methods of customizing cover letters.

Author Mark Rowh calms your fears and makes the process less daunting by providing answers to commonly asked questions about cover letters specifically and job hunting in general, while debunking many common cover letter myths.

He also supplies you with:

  • Work sheets that help you gather and organize vital information
  • Valuable self-marketing tips guaranteed to give you an unbeatable, competitive edge
  • Updated information on using the Internet during the job search process, including advice on how to make letters Internet-friendly

Slam Dunk Cover Letters, 2/e

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