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Where do i look if i want bad advice & useless job search information?

Should i read the newspaper adds, Q & A Yahoo, go to closest state workforce center, use stale websites job search engines, go door to door beating the pavement, ask an immigrant or make 100’s of phone calls? Anyone care to add bad advice like how to penatrate the hidden job market exclusive to family & freinds?

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I want to go to college or start a career/ job?

I really have no clue what to study. I hear there are many classes & degrees you can get at local colleges or even online. I tend to move around a lot & think online would be better. Can anyone help me to find a direction to start heading?

travel – photography – helping people (in any way possible) – talking to people – anything having to do with prison & jail – food – animals – kids

blood – violence

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Why Effective Resume Writing is a Must to Get a Job You Want

Writing a resume is a necessity when you need to change or find a job. One or two sheets of paper will determine the future of your career, therefore it is time you did your best to write an impressive resume. With the lack of talent people seem to share in resume writing, now, there are experts who tell us how to write a resume. The majority of the resume services conducted on the Internet: free and fee based

Free resume writing resources and paid resume writing services



Cover Letter Basics – You Don’t Want A Cover Letter

You don’t want a cover letter.  You want a job.  You need a great cover letter and resume to send to that big job you’re going for.  But don’t forget cover letter basics.  Keep it short and to the point.

It’s easy to forget what a cover letter is for.  It’s an introduction.  That’s it.

It’s that simple.

You need to let the reader know why they are about to read your resume.

If you get too wordy, the reader will lose interest before they even get to your…


Updating Your Resume for the Job You Want

In todays job market, its more important than ever to update and sharpen your resume so that it stands out in a crowd. This video shows you how to choose the right resume for the job, how to focus on accomplishments rather than job duties, and how to deal with age, dates and employment gaps.
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The Two Most Effective Way To Secure A Sales Job In Any Industry You Want Quickly and Painlessly

What you are about to learn is going to be different than you are used to when looking for a sales job.

You are not going to learn how to submit your sales jobs on job sites or replying to job ads on the newspaper. We all know how to do all that.

Instead, we are going to discover some of the sure fire techniques used by sales recruiters to really kickstart your success in getting the sales job you really want.

Let’s have a closer…


FOR THE LADIES: Would you quit your job/career if a man told you that he want to take care of you?

I personally wouldn’t, I like the feeling of making my own money and if something should bad should happen I would know that I could help myself out in a time of need.

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I want to know how to make an impressive resume for best job?

I am girl who reside in India and currently engaged in a job but not satisfied. Wanted to apply for new job and wanted to make an impressive resume so that with in one glance I can achieve my goal. Can you help me by how to make my resume from the starting point till the end of resume?

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How Can Your Cover Letter Make Them Want to Hire You as Administrative Assistant?

The foremost responsibility of an Administrative Assistant is to manage, organize and maintain information for the company’s employees, particularly the managers. The flow of work becomes smooth because of them. The job therefore is an important one and the need for an Administrative Assistant is growing very fast. Accordingly, the number of applicants for the position grows even faster. What then could be your edge over the others to get that coveted position?

In applying for the Administrative Assistant position, or any position for that matter, you…


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