How Can Your Cover Letter Make Them Want to Hire You as Administrative Assistant?

The foremost responsibility of an Administrative Assistant is to manage, organize and maintain information for the company’s employees, particularly the managers. The flow of work becomes smooth because of them. The job therefore is an important one and the need for an Administrative Assistant is growing very fast. Accordingly, the number of applicants for the position grows even faster. What then could be your edge over the others to get that coveted position?

In applying for the Administrative Assistant position, or any position for that matter, you need to remember some helpful details that would assure you to get to the next step. A resume should first be sent to prospective employers and a cover letter introduces and even sums up that resume. It is therefore very important to make that cover letter concise but complete, clear yet interesting, direct to the point, without grammar or punctuation mistakes, professionally formatted, neat and with relevant contents. It would be good advice to research and talk about the company you are applying in the cover letter. An Administrative Assistant should be organized and you should be able to reflect that in you cover letter, for starters. The content of your cover letter speaks much about you and this could decide the future of your application. Remember that the next step in getting that position is when you get called for an interview. The employer has only that cover letter and your resume to base on before they decide if you are worth interviewing.

So how do you know what to write in that cover letter? You may want to be creative and do it by yourself or you may do one of the easiest ways available ? surf the net! The internet is over-flowing with guidelines, tips, techniques, samples, formats, templates and anything else it may take to get you that position. Administrative Assistant cover letter samples are readily available with just a click of the keyboard. You may choose from hundreds of templates and different writing formats that would suit your taste. All you need to do is just replace the information with your own data.

The internet gives detailed description and helpful information that any applicant will ever need. It contains the A to Z on cover letter samples. It provides the would be applicants of the do’s and don’ts of cover letter writing. It would be worthwhile to note some of these cover letter information, to wit, resumes should always be accompanied with a cover letter which should contain like past experiences, information about the company, personality traits, contact details, etc. The cover letter should be addressed to a specific person with the use of appropriate titles, e.g., Atty. or Engr. Make the letter a one pager. Do not use colorful or even perfumed papers and do not use odd fonts. Be brief with the information and do not duplicate your resume on the cover letter. It should be organized in how you present information. It should also show enthusiasm. Check you letter very well to make sure there are no mistakes. It should be perfect.

My most important advice in your first step to gain the Administrative Assistant position is for you to check the internet. You know yourself very well and armed with the basic guidelines, you will be able to easily choose among the overwhelming number of samples online the cover letter would be best for you to cinch your goal.

Mark Mattey is a writer an entrepreneur. To learn more about Administrative Assistant Cover Letters or Writing a Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant position, please visit his website.

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