What job/career should I pick??10 POINTS?

I want something that pays extremely well.
How did you choose yours??
Any help is apricated.
I will pick best anwser to most helpful :D
I would never go into the army.
sarahtrent1991 thanx for the links :D
Stripper… XD
I would rather marry a doctor than be
one lol
I will probaly just be a nurse like everyone else..
I do speak German too!
and im working on my spanish

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34 Responses to “What job/career should I pick??10 POINTS?”

  1. david W says:

    NURSE. make your own hours, name your own pay. Work wherever you want….and you can always go back and get a masters and you’ll be making over $100k

  2. Eli N says:

    web page designer or
    IT man

  3. XxShellaxX says:

    a friend of mine chose mechanics on school buses. he gets 35 per hour.

  4. Hotboi says:

    Street corner jobs pay pretty well. But then it depends on what street corner you are standing on.

  5. I_Have_all_the_answers... says:

    Being a Stripper pays well!

  6. nay says:

    be a doctor…


    Be a surgeon pays well but lots of school :(

  8. playaninstrument says:

    by ur avatar i see u prolly have style. so go into cosmotology or beauty school to do hair or makeup or both. if you are artistic you could actually maybe design clothes or whatever. if all this stuff is wrong, then find out what you are good at. i’m good at writing and singing. so i write songs and record. lol. i like doing hair and stuff too, but i dont have time or money for beauty school, so yeah. i dont know….

  9. BabyMama33 says:

    I’m having trouble deciding what I want to be as well… It obviously depends on what you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.. Really well paying jobs:
    Doctor / Surgeon
    Fashion Designer
    Engineer (Mechanical / Chemical, etc.)
    And many more!!
    Only thing is- all well paying jobs (like the above) require at LEAST a minimum of 4 years of college (MINIMUM!!!) :( That’s the sucky part which is why I can’t decide what I want to do hahaha… Hope this helps!! :)

  10. Safsfaf A says:

    Professional Whore, benefits , hi pay, fun on the job, no experiance required , but have to able to suck heavy objects

  11. heatherain says:

    You need to go for something that you would ENJOY as well as it pays good. If it isn’t something you like, you will be miserable, and is it worth the monry to be miserable everyday you are working? What kinds of things do you enjoy? Try to figure it out and apply that to something you could do professionaly.

  12. mcl says:

    go for dental assistant and you can go for expanded function dental assistant and then you can go for dental hygiest

  13. r_bee says:

    choose one of your interests and make a job from it like if you like art go for something involving graphics or design. in 20 yrs or so you dont want to be saying i hate my job

  14. Hebrew Scared says:

    The richest people in the world sell something to others. Look at Bill Gates, he sold Windows to companies and he rose to the top of the heap. But for a high paying career that pays well, you can be an insurance agent, nurse, engineer.

  15. Lord Percy Fawcette-Smythe. says:

    prostitute, hours to suit, well paid and most of the work is done by someone else, and you get to lay down on the job

  16. Random says:

    marketing…not to stressful….fun with you are creative ,and pays really good at less 150k per year….if you work for one company you can travel and move to different places , or you can choose to stay in the area you live in now

  17. 15fsg546rge1rrheljh45hjr90459ty3 says:

    You should go into Geology. They start at 60,000 to 80,000 a year, and its interesting. If you like the outdoors, this is a good field to get into. You work outside a lot, on site. Your clients tend to be engineering firms, developers, etc., and you get to work on projects such as buildings, bridges, roads, railways, etc. It’s not as hard as it is to get an engineering degree either. They are in high demand now as well, especially in places such as California.

  18. Louie B says:

    a chef that’s what i am you get 45 pounds a week and 20,00 pounds a week if you work in Oriental

  19. Love song!! says:

    You should probably have given additional details such as your age, college level, and work experience, otherwise we dont have much to work with. I know you want something that pays well, but you also want something you will be happy with because a career is something you stick with. What do you like to do? What are you good at? Do you have any talents? Some jobs that pay well are: accountant, engineer, computer programmer, financial advisor. You may also want to look into starting your own business based on something that you like. No one can tell you what to choose but i would just weigh your options. I would suggest doing temp jobs for different businesses so you can see what you like to do before you start a full fledged career in it.

  20. endorphin_boy415 says:

    I would never advise someone to pursue a career just because it “pays extremely well.”

    If you want to be happy in your career, you should pursue a field you are actually interested in. If you are good at what you do, the money will follow.

    My advice to you is to take a Career Aptitude Test. Your school guidance counselor can probably give you one. Answer the questions honestly – don’t try to sway the results by giving answers that you think you SHOULD respond with. There are no right or wrong answers.

    If you answer honestly, the test may reveal to you your inherent strengths and likes. These will in turn reveal different career choices/fields that may be of interest to you.

    If you pursue a career path this way, I think you will be much happier. And like I said, the money will follow.

    Good luck.

  21. Charlie says:

    I dont know how old you are. But as soon as i came out of school i signed up with an agency and put down the minimum money i want to earn an hour and the maximum. They will never find you a job (at least not with mine) less that the minimum you want. Im working at a medical suppliers and get £7 an hour which isnt bad at all considering i jsut came out of school. You can also put on the form what sort of work you are looking for ans wheather you want permenant or temp work.

    So……if your looking for a permanent job stick on the form permenant, and the MINIMUM pay you want to be payed an hour ! And you will get it. ……according to plan ! Hope this helps xxx

  22. Jon says:

    well if you a super smart… and great at studying….
    and dont care about what crazy hours you work
    Lawyer, or Doctor are the obvious choices.

    If you are great at wheeling and dealing…
    Then maybe something like real estate, or start your own business.

    If you are creative, Technically or artistically,
    then think about Film or video games
    There is alot of cash in IT industry if you can get ahead of the others.

    If you are not very creative, technical or academically smart, maybe you have good instincts, so start a business, and hire other people that are creative or technical… and you make the management decisions.

    I picked my carreer based on something that I like to do.
    If you really like to do it, you are more likely to work hard and learn that job well.

    and someone once said…
    If you choose a job that you love to do, then you’ll never work a day in your life.

  23. Dude with Random Thoughts says:

    if you don’t want to go to school go into sales…

    start in retail and work your way up into business sales…

    im a college drop out and i banked 110k last year doing business sales… its fun but it also depends on how good you are, its not a steady income like most jobs, you have good months and you have bad ones…

    good luck :)

    ps. im not saying drop out of college (if you’re in it or planning to go) like i did, things would’ve been a lot easier if i had my degree, but i was in “unavoidable circumstances” im pretty happy now.

  24. MaleRN says:

    Try Nursing RN’s make really good money but you get more out of it than just a fat check. You get to meet people in the most sensitive moments and there mostly scared so they open up to you and well you can make a lot of good friends. Plus there nothing like making someone smile when you no they have no family or friends. Be what ever you want to be just be the best.. ADN in Nursing is two years and you have mostly clinicals during that time. Some of the classes can get a bit hard so try and take some of the hard ones before getting in the program. I hope this helps

  25. tocalomagirl says:

    Be a doctor they get paid BIG TIME

  26. sarahtrent1991 says:

    An RN pays well, especially if you work night shift, you could go to a comunity college for 2 years or you could go to a university for that or longer to make more money,


    Flight attendant?

    You get to work and see the world….


    10 of the most desirable jobs of the next millineum……


  27. Randy says:

    Simply decide on something you love and would enjoy as an occupation. In the long run money won’t matter…

  28. la man says:

    To get paid more, learn something technical and get really good at another language to boot. You’ll be in more demand, and fluency in a second language gets you paid more. Plus you have a better chance at going abroad and getting paid in a stronger currency, like the Yen or the Euro. The Pound is strong, too, but you only need English to go there (though they have a lot of immigrants from Asia and Eastern Europe, so again knowing another language can help you land a job).

  29. Jess says:

    Health care professionals are always in high demand and they make good money. Also, you usually only have to go to school for two years. The down side is, it can be hard to get into school and its not for everyone. If you do something less hands on such as a business or communications job, you can still make good money but it may take longer to get a job and with the economy so rocky, you never know what businesses are going to make it. You are in school twice as long and to get ahead in the company you usually will have to go back to get your masters. What it ultimately comes down to is how much time you want to spend in school, what you are willing to do as a job and how you define success.

  30. cassie512 says:

    I very important aspect of being happy in your job (to me) is who your coworkers are… I found a great website called
    It helped me to check out what kind of people were in what careers. I hope this helps :)

  31. so_cali_hottie says:

    Depends on what you like doing. I’m an Asst. Property Manager, and manage commercial office buildings. I make $50k a year, with the potential of making over $80 once I become a Property Manager. It’s a very challenging career, with lots to learn, but it’s fun! You get to interact with tenants, vendors, & building staff, make decisions, go to networking functions, etc. I love it!

  32. Jyesy says:

    I recently done work experience at a uranium mine where i explored the mine site with environmentalists. It was great i highly recommend it. I went around making sure the workers were abiding by environmental policies checking the underground water, examining the species around the mine site etc. The best part of the job is that you get to explore the wilderness where no white man has touched before. Even better you help the environment along the way. I highly recommend that you become a mine environmentalist. I hope you choose the right career!

  33. Lotte P says:

    if you like to read magazines go help out at teen vogue or something.
    or if you are pretty, tall, high cheekbones and healthy and fit go try out modelling.
    HEY or if you are good at art go in for a make up artist, photographer, designer, stylist or something!

    im 13 at the moment, and i am planning on working at starbucks or somewhere when i turn 16. if thats the age haha

    hope i helped! probs not but aah well..

    peace xx

  34. Sally S says:

    What do you like to do???? I need more hon! Also try an online career test! Hope this helps!