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Writing a Cover Letter

A perfect CV and cover letter is what distinguishes a successful job applicant from others. In today’s competitive job market, it is the best way to sell your potential to the possible employer. You may have more potential than other candidates so it is important that you demonstrate your suitability to the job vacancy in an appropriate and efficient manner. A perfect CV with an equally complimenting cover letter can do this for you.

The cover letter accompanies each CV or resume that you send to an employer.…


How do I get an electronic signature onto a job application cover letter?

Applying for new jobs and some ask for electronic transfer of resume and cover letter and I don’t know how to get a signature on the letter. Anyone give me step by step instructions (am older and have only basic computer knowledge).

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Job Application Cover Letter that Gets Interviews

A resume is usually presented to the potential employer along with a job application cover letter. It includes highlights that expand upon your resume contents. Since the recruitment managers do not have much time to go through resumes from all applicants, they will base on information presented in the cover letters to shortlist candidates for interviews.

Here are some importance elements to be considered when preparing a cover letter.

Letter format

Job application cover letter is a formal business letter. Although some employers may ask for a handwritten letter,…


Cover Letter Resume Samples That Would Help You Get That Dream Job

Many job applicants, especially those fresh out of college, think that cover letters are mere accessories to the extremely important resume in job applications. But in reality, for employers, cover letters are just as important as the resume. And sometimes, cover letters even become the reason why an applicant gets to land in the job he has applied for.

Contrary to what people think, cover letters are not just submitted for standardization. They are included in the resume to provide a brief yet catchy introduction of the applicant to…


What should be included in a good cover letter for a job application?

After spending a year after my college graduation figuring out what I want to do, I think I may have found it. I’m about to apply for my first “real” job and need advice for what my cover letter should include. The resume I have under control. Thanks :)

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When I apply for a job why dont people write back?

For about a year now I have been looking for a job but when I apply for one by submitting a Curriculum Vitae or job application form nobody ever writes back to me to let me know if they will call me for a interview or tell me why wasn’t I successful.

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Cover Letter Writing: How Do I Write A Cover Letter To Get More Interviews?

In talking with former job search clients, I rarely heard the question: “How do I write a cover letter to get more interviews? Although the importance of the cover letter is more of a part of today’s job seeker toolkit, it wasn’t always like this, the the idea of using cover letter writing as an edge for getting job interviews was not always well known.

Although as a rule, we’ve given most of the attention to resume development – and rightfully so – the art of cover letter writing…


Should the experience on my resume match what I put on my job application?

What if there are experiences that weren’t relevant to the job I’m pursuing? Should I include them on both my resume and job application? Do I include it on my job application, but not on my resume?

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Cover Letter Templates – the Most Obvious Reasons Why You Should Use One


If you think that being qualified for the job actually gets you the job, then that is absolutely the common but wrong notion. In fact, there are many job seekers out there who make the crucial mistake of making hurried cover letters and resumes thinking that these two documents are not so important. It is important to remember that a company does not even see your shadow when you are in the first stages of job application. For this simple reason alone, you need to write cover…


Writing a Great Cover Letter

Most job applicants would agree that the Resume is an indispensable part of any application for a new job. Unfortunately, many applicants neglect to include a Cover Letter with the Resume, judging it as frivolous and insignificant. However, the presence (or absence) of a Cover Letter can make or break a promising candidate’s job application. Here’s how to write a Great Cover Letter.

1.       Address  and Contact Information

How can an employer contact you without your contact information? Before drafting your sentences, include your name, address and…


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