Resumes: Let’s Be For Real

When it comes to resumes, most job seekers know that honesty is the best policy. Never say you graduated from college when you didn’t or make a job last a year longer than it really did. But the verification process many employers use for resumes can trip up even workers who aren’t trying to fool anyone. All it takes is a little carelessness, a poor memory of what happened eight years ago, or the acquisition of a former employer to turn a resume into a liability.

Many companies hire…


So You Want to Write Great Cover Letters?

We are 4 interviewers and most of the cover letters we receive are just plain dull. They refer to the ‘attached resume’, indicate an interest in the job and ask for an interview.

But good cover letters can do so much more than this – they can win you an interview!

Interviewers are human and most humans enjoy reading letters. Reading resumes, CVs and job application forms is less exciting and interviewers tend to skim read these at a fair pace.

In fact research suggests that…


5 Key Resume Tips to Enhance Your Job Search

Job search and job hunting nowadays is a very competitive and sometimes cut-throat affair. Here are a few tips to help you get the edge in searching for and landing the job of your dreams.

The Curriculum Vitae

The CV or Resume is the first, and at most times the most important part of applying for a job. Since potential employers have to whittle down practically hundreds of applications to a few valid ones, they will have to base their narrowing down efforts using the CVs they…


Improve Your Job Search Success and Shorten the Odds

Your job search can feel like a numbers game with the odds stacked against you. You know what I mean? You send out 300 job application letters and get maybe six invitations to interview.

If you’re lucky, you might be rewarded with one job offer. And you are grateful, after all it’s a job. But if you don’t get that offer, you start your job search again…

You send out three hundred job application cover letters with your resume etc. etc.

What you need is to find a way…


Online Job Portals: Helping Job Seekers

Globalization made the world a village, bringing each and every corner of world closer than ever. It helped industries in expanding their wings to every possible part of world, creating several job opportunities. These days there are several options for students, but it’s also true that choosing a right path of study, which in turn secures a job for them, is really tough task.

After study, when people start job search, they see Internet as the easiest and the most effective way of job search. No doubt, Job…


Best Tips On How To Write Job Resume

The one and only one objective of resume is not to get a job, but to get you into the interview room. Resume is written to promote yourself, your skill that fulfill and impress your potential employer to call you for an interview. The job market is very similar to the sales environment, which in job market you are the product, and your potential employer will be the buyer with your resume to be the salesman that spoke for you. The most challenging part to get an interview is…


Cover Letter And Job Application Secrets

If you would like to get a job real quick, you’ve got to make use of a powerful tool at your disposal. Your Cover Letter is extremely powerful and can make or break you.

Remember, All Cover Letters are not created equal. The most qualified people seeking a job do not get the job interview because of their poor covering letter. If you want to get the job interview and the job real fast, your cover letters have to be amazing. Here are few effective secrets you can follow…


Cover Letter Templates ? the Most Obvious Reasons Why You Should Use One


If you think that being qualified for the job actually gets you the job, then that is absolutely the common but wrong notion. In fact, there are many job seekers out there who make the crucial mistake of making hurried cover letters and resumes thinking that these two documents are not so important. It is important to remember that a company does not even see your shadow when you are in the first stages of job application. For this simple reason alone, you need to write cover…


The Benefits of An Ascii Plain Text Resume

There was a time when submitting a resume was as simple as getting out the electric typewriter, putting in a sheet of bond paper, preparing the document, and placing it in the mail. However, the growth of technology has revolutionized the way that job-hunters prepare and submit their resumes. Chances are that, sometime within the last decade or two, you splurged on a home computer so that you could edit your standard resume to your heart’s content. But chances are also good that you have saved various versions of…


Avoiding Resume Elimination at the Initial Scanning Scan is Vital

The popularity of the book “Blink” underscores the importance of first impressions in any business dealing. The premise of the book is that many decisions are, in fact, snap judgments—but that those judgments often hold true. Given this fact of modern business life, you’ll want to do everything possible not to torpedo your job application from the start.

Obviously, the first step in any successful job hunt is sending a resume—either by e-mail or by snail-mail. You want a resume that is complete, yet concise…factual and not…


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