Resumes, are there easy samples on line to follow, or can someone help me update mine?

Resumes have changed so much during the years. I have had the same job for 25 years and added on an additional job. But I am the PTA president and a member of the School Board and they need an updated one. Most of their resumes show volunteer work, time served as a Board Member and also was told that I have been serving as a PTA president . Help!!! There must be an easy format. I have to get this updated fast.


Job Recruiter: Can Help You?

Today’s beleaguered job seekers, quite understandably, are exploring virtually every avenue to gaining any kind of advantage over the competition, i.e., other job seekers. They attend job/career fairs, visit the Internet job boards, etc. And, of course, they also consider “headhunters” (recruiters) as a possible source of assistance in finding a new job or career. Unfortunately, none of these approaches works very well in today’s job market, including seeking assistance finding a job from a recruiter. Let me explain why that is true.

Most of us “headhunters” work a very well-defined “niche”…


Help with resume and cover letter please?

I am applying for jobs but not having much luck… I’m just applying for general entry level jobs, anything that I would qualify for that pays a decent wage (not willing to work for less than $10/hour). Some positions I am or have applied for include receptionist/admin assistant, customer service, call center, leasing agent, teacher’s assistant, to name a few. Can someone look over my resume and cover letter and give me some suggestions?

5555 73rd Ave. N., SOMWHERE, MN 55555 ∙ 555-555-5555 ∙jane_somebody@somewhere.com



Have just graduated from college nad looking for job. Please help me with a sample of a CV and cover letter?


Do you need help to find a job?

They want responsibilities, a job that involves multi-tasking and lots of projects. This is the reason why every time we consider a new job search we almost reach desperation. Where are we to find the right job? Do we stand a chance in this over competitive world? These are important questions that need to be answered. And fortunately, we have the Internet to help us find a job, easily and without any effort whatsoever.

If you are prepared to analyze some of the employment opportunities presented over the Internet,…


Same Day Unemployed Loans: Good help for the unemployed

Have a loan for the unemployed is a very difficult task because of their poor credit records. Lenders do not provide money for these people because they feel a great risk by offering money for them. I have such a condition worse, the same day ready to reveal a windfall of unemployment and provide liquidity. The same day loan for the unemployed has been specially designed for those people who are in urgent need of cash to meet their needs and unexpected contingencies. Now the unemployed can also get…


hey, Im apply for a job..and need some help?

whilst following a cover letter template I came across a part which said ‘person’s name’- i know they mean the employers name,however, i don’t know it….All i know is the company name.

Am i suppose to do a little investigating first to find who it is?…or..do i not fill in that part?…because it also says a little further down…’dear___’… if i don’t have his/ her name than what do i say?

please help :D
Thank you for that..if i was lvl2 than i would thumbs up you…


first time resume help, please?

This is my first attempt ever to apply for a job and I’m planning on applying as a cashier at Apple. I’m 17 and Apple requires a resume.

I looked at some samples on Google but they didn’t help me much. So I was wondering if you guys can give me some ideas to write a good first resume. Help please?

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Online Job Boards Can Help You Define and Find Your Perfect Job

No matter where you live, finding meaningful employment can be a job in itself. In many American cities jobs are still scarce, but that doesn’t mean you should give up looking for your dream job. There are plenty of companies hiring if you know how to look.

Savvy job-seekers know that simply relying on a local newspaper or word of mouth is no longer enough. You’ll need to use all your available resources if you want to have your pick of job listings. If you live in a major…


Resume help opinion how does it look?

Hi Im currently looking for a job and would like some comments on my resume.

Julio S Irizarry Ortiz
Hc 02 Box 8147 Guayanilla P.R. 00656
Phone 787-835-4129 Cell 787-237-5375

Safety Inspector (OSHA)

Employment History:

Sample Collector
2009- Present Part Time
Westat Inc.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies of population.
Collect antibodies sample from people.
Investigate bacteria contamination in the sea.

Time Keeper
2007 – 2008 Demaco Corporation

Monitored repairs of electrical turbines.
Installation of expansion joints for…


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