Job Search Help: The 5 Most Important Gifts Parents Can Give Their New College Graduate

As winter sets in and graduation dates draw ever closer, most parents’ minds inevitably begin to fix upon the ultimate reward for the education they’ve supported; in other words, on that first real job.

Unless your son or daughter has a degree (or destiny) that leads them directly into a specific role – such as doctor, accountant, lawyer, etc – helping them determine what that first position should be can be far more daunting than helping them determine which college to attend. For one thing, there will be never…


Unemployed Parents – Eight ways to help your children adjust to your loss of a job.

Unemployment is difficult for all members of the family, both children and adults. This 2 min video presents eight practical ways to support your children in making this adjustment. Dr. Boulden is an award winning author of over 40 books used in counseling children in distress that are used in thousands of schools..
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I need help writing a sample resume on two founding fathers….. any websites or thoughts or ideas????

i have to Select 2 of the following founding fathers (one from each column). For each of them write a résumé. Be sure to include the name, address (at least the city and state), education, previous jobs, hobbies and interests. When you list their jobs, mention some specific skills that were needed for the job, or specific actions done as part of that job. For example, if you were to list Commander of the Continental Army as part of George Washington’s résumé, you should mention his achievements (“Defeated the Hessian…


I am applying for a position with a handicapped riding facility, and need help with a cover letter…?

I am very much capable and knowledgeable enough to fill this position, but I am worried I may not catch the hiring manager’s eye if I cannot put together a cover letter that will really sweep them away. Any suggestions on where I can go for help, templates, etc?

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Can someone help me with writing a simple cover letter?

I am applying for a Student Assistant Program at my local library, and they’ve requested I write a cover letter to attach to my application. They’ve given me a few things to write about, but I really want to get in, so any tips/ formats/ sample letters would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Where could I get help for a cover letter? any sample?

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Loans for the Unemployed ? Financial Help Until You Get Job

While you are going through a phase of developing your career, it is very common to wait for a good option. Or, you have just finished your collage studies and have not found out a job yet. Take this instance also, where you are deliberately refusing the job offers, as you want to first acquire some new skills. Until that period, Loans For The Unemployed may prove to be a good source of finance for such people. However, since you do not have a good income…


I need help making a resume please give me an example of a new resume for me to hand in to my job?

I need help I am young so it shouldn’t be hard . Ohh and it needs to be a new one so it looks proffessional and I need a sample of a recomendation.

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I need help making a job resume?

I’m not sure how or were to do it. I am trying to make a job resume. I have went to monster.com and that was just to much stuff to sign up for does anyone have any ideas or websites, or even samples that i can go to. It is not a big job but i still need some help.

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How to get a job, late 20′s, no work experience? Resume help?

I have been a homemaker (not a SAHM, as I don’t have any children)
for going on 10 years.
I am 29 years old, and sadly, I have VERY little actual work experience.
I have held a couple short term jobs over the past few years,
the longest was a 2.5 month temporary job.
The reason I have not held a longterm job is mostly due to not having a vehicle.
We only had one vehicle (until recently), and our work schedules conflicted.


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