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India has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the last decade. Opening up of the economy through privatization, globalization and allied measures added the growth. One of the fastest growing sector is the IT and telecommunications sector. Infrastructure followed suite. Joint ventures with foreign partners were allowed in insurance, telecommunication and several other sectors. This led to a boom not only in those sectors but in related sectors including banking and education.


The increased demand for finance also witnessed a major growth in the banking sector. Thus, there…


Get Career Help – How to Apply For a Job on Line

In today’s computerized world it has become more and more common to apply for a job online. Pen and paper applications are quickly becoming antiques. Sending online applications saves time and money and in the long run is more convenient for both the possible employee and the employer. But do keep in mind that the same proper etiquette is required when when applying on line. Your best writing skills must be used in the same way as if you were using pen and paper. In this article I will…


Does Job Hopping Help?

To hop or not to hop, that is the question. These days people change jobs much more frequently. The belief for the employee is that if you change jobs more often, you can more rapidly increase your job responsibility, your income, and your experience. Sometimes this works. It can also be that by trying many jobs in your early years, you can find a happier situation, one that you would like to remain in for some years.

But it also happens that employers sometimes become reluctant to hire someone…


Cover Letter Resume Samples That Would Help You Get That Dream Job

Many job applicants, especially those fresh out of college, think that cover letters are mere accessories to the extremely important resume in job applications. But in reality, for employers, cover letters are just as important as the resume. And sometimes, cover letters even become the reason why an applicant gets to land in the job he has applied for.

Contrary to what people think, cover letters are not just submitted for standardization. They are included in the resume to provide a brief yet catchy introduction of the applicant to…


Don’t Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job

Product Description
Counterintuitive commandments for hungry job-seekers from the bestselling author of How to Become CEO and How to Become a Rainmaker

Anyone who thinks getting a good job is easy in this booming economy should think again. Greater prosperity has made the work force smarter and more competitive than ever. The real plum jobs are out there, but they’re harder to get than ever. Now, bestselling author and innovative thinker Jeffrey J. Fox, who has helped thousands of listeners rise to the top of any organization, steps up to…


Resume Writing Help – Where To Find Assistance!

When it comes to creating a resume many of us find it to be quite a tiresome process not knowing where to start and how to word it. At the best of time there seems to be no help in sight even for the most highly qualified individual. However, there is hope in sight for even the most unqualified people out there. Resume writers offer their services and can create the best resume out of thin air.

Now that does not mean that they fudge the details in…


help wit sample of cover letter job hunter?

i really need a cover letter sample looking for a job and really i want to say to consider me to any position they feel i might qualify for .
Letter of inquiry: sample tanks i would like an actual sample please

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How Cover Letters Can Help or Hurt Job Seekers

I have to say that I have been feeling badly lately for the poor cover letter. Actually, I have been feeling badly lately for the poor job seeker who tends to neglect the cover letter, passing it off as just a quick intro to presenting the more important piece, the resume.

I certainly understand how that happens. After all, we are becoming a nation of job seekers successfully sold on the concept that we need a professionally written resume in order to conduct an effective job search. So much…


Looking For New Career Help?

Unfortunately, our faltering economy has caused more than a few people to have to reconsider their careers. People who have spent their entire working career doing the same job are seeing those jobs disappearing, or the hours are being chopped considerably. As a result, more people are going back to college or training to become something completely different. If you have recently lost your job, or you have seen your hours dwindling, you should know that there are a lot of resources to help you along the path to…


Get Help With Cover Letter Samples

Cover letter samples are often found in the internet websites. Mind you, there are thousands of cover letter samples that will pop out of your computer screens as you type the keyword in the search engines. Generally, these cover letter samples signify your fullest potential of landing into the job that you want. And because the cover letter samples are too plenty, sample seekers like you end up confused as to which one to pick and pattern your own cover letter.

Cover letter writers like you are acquainted…


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