Help, I need to prepare a resume with no prior work experience?

Hello all,

An internship I am applying to online asks for me to upload a resume to their site. The problem is, I have never worked a job nor have any previous internship experience. This will be my first internship. I am currently going to be a sophomore in college and I have been unable to find sample resumes online for people with no job experience. Thanks!

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Your Career Game: How Game Theory Can Help You Achieve Your Professional Goals

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We compete for jobs and, the more desirable the job, the tougher the competition. Most people readily understand this. But, Nathan Bennett and Stephen A. Miles suggest that fewer people recognize how the pursuit of an open job can be framed as one “move” in a multifaceted game called “a career.” The authors contend that individuals who quickly recognize the career game for what it is—a fascinating, complex, nuanced, real-life, multiplayer maze, played


Resume review ? asking and getting help

Writing a resume is a process of self-discovery in many ways. You have to market yourself to your potential employer, which is a very difficult task because we have to walk the fine line of objectivity and self-promotion.

Your resume must summarize your educational achievements, professional experience, and qualification in a way that best meets your career objective. Composing your entire professional history on one or two pages can be time consuming; thus, we sometimes spend hours and days writing and re-writing our resumes in order to perfect…


Help From A Good Resume Writing Service Will Ensure The Call For An Interview

Working for a perfect company is what everyone dreams of. Every applicant wishes for the perfect job. But it all depends on how successful the applicants are at convincing the prospective employer of their suitability. As a rule, all companies require applicants to forward their resumes. These resumes have to be written perfectly in order for them to be considered for interviews. As most applicants do not wish to take the risk of their résumés being rejected, they obtain the services of a good resume writing service to guide…


Career Change Help – How You Benefit From It

To anyone who knows how to search the Internet or can gain access to a job search network or library, finding help is easy for those who are facing career change. For those people who need assistance in their career change, there are persons and locations that can provide help with searching a new occupation.

Aid can come in various forms such as help in writing cover letters, creating a resume, and assisting a worker where to find his new career. The help given will depend on each worker’s…


can you help me pick out a resume template?

I have very little job experience


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Need To Find An Awesome Job! Need Help And Good Luck!

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How Can Resume Software Help You?

Writing a resume can be very difficult. While some people think it is as simple as opening a word program and typing in your experiences, there is actually a lot more to it.To start with a resume is your biggest hope at getting a job. It doesn’t matter where this job is at, or how complicated the job can be, the first time the person who does the hiring usually sees you is through your resume.If that weren’t enough it is usually with a stack of several others who…


Can you help me with this cover letter, please?

That’s the template – we just have to fill in our details, and make some changes.

December 12, 2007
Recipient’s Name
Job Title
Organization’s Name
Organization’s Address
Dear Mr. /Ms. “Recipient’s Last Name”,
My unique mix of previous work experience and my status as a University of Sharjah business
student in my junior year studying marketing, make me an ideal candidate for a summer
internship with XYZ company.
My experiences in sales and customer relationship management, combined with my…


please help me..i need a sample resume now..i could’t find in the web..please help me?

im applying for a job abroad…please…

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