Resumes, are there easy samples on line to follow, or can someone help me update mine?

Resumes have changed so much during the years. I have had the same job for 25 years and added on an additional job. But I am the PTA president and a member of the School Board and they need an updated one. Most of their resumes show volunteer work, time served as a Board Member and also was told that I have been serving as a PTA president . Help!!! There must be an easy format. I have to get this updated fast.

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5 Responses to “Resumes, are there easy samples on line to follow, or can someone help me update mine?”

  1. angela says:

    Yahoo has templates. Go to hotjobs then click on the tab that says my resumes. Click on resume builder under create a new resume. When I made mine a few years ago, I had a section called Activities where I listed things like PTO President and other volunteer work.

  2. zinger says:

    Microsoft works and office have templates too.

    Usually if you are just updating if you have your old resume you can just adjust it.

    I usually find a format I like and use word as I am familiar with that.

    Just did from scratch resume for entry level simple in less than 1/2 hour includeing choices and tweeking etc. in Works.

    Just tried the yahoo resumes thing the other poster mentioned and it is great. a little limited in some respects but easy to use. So vote for the other poster’s answer!!!!!

  3. Sandra M says:

    There are actually templates of resumes that you can download at http://WWW.MICROSOFT.COM Look under the version of Office that you use. If you use another word processing software check the site for the software that you use. These templates show you exactly how to prepare your resume.

  4. San Diego Sunshine says:

    Go to Amazon and buy Resumes that knock ‘em dead and what does someone have to do to get a job around here. Very applicable to what employers and recruiters look for today.

  5. 1980's says:

    You do all that and lost on doing a resume?

    visit http://www.careerbuilder.com or http://www.monster.com for resume help.