Unemployed Small Cash Loans: a Financial Antidote to Help You


Unemployment comes with many problems. It brings the poverty and a situation of debt. The whole family is affected by the unemployment. It becomes difficult to do any thing without cash. Unemployed Small Cash Loans are the right way to support the financial needs of jobless people and solve their cash problem as fast as possible.


Many people feel that being unemployed diminishes your chances of securing a loan but this theory has successfully been changed through these loans. These loans offer loan amounts…


Resume help?

i am trying to update my resume on my own. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where online could i find a site that can help me. i am currently in a customer service representativ job working in a call center and my job is basically taking calls from clients regarding a sort of credit card (can’t give out to much info on my company for security purposes) and i can’t seem to find samples of resumes.

i would appreciate some info

thanx (in advance)

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I need a 2nd job perhaps in retail, but it’s hard! I need resume help?!?

Summary of Qualifications:

Delivery of superior customer service and support. Provided optimal assistance while solidifying the client experience resulting in referrals. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, also bilingual in English and Spanish. Experienced with Microsoft Office, can type 50 words per minute and knowledgeable with 10 key. Ability to work well with all levels of management and staff. Work well under extreme pressure with minimal supervision. Outstanding personal dynamics: friendly, determined, and loyal. If given the opportunity will give 110% towards becoming part of a team and becoming an asset…


I’m looking for CV and cover letter sample, please help me.?

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Intro to Help for ex-offenders looking for jobs

www.jailtojob.com Help for ex-offenders looking for jobs is a blog with lots of information to help people with criminal records to get jobs
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Writing a CV Part 1 – Intro to help videos

Are you looking for careers advice and help with how to write a CV? Do you know the secrets of how to write a winning CV or resume? Video 1 will give you lots of insider tips and advice about how to write a curriculum vitae that will help you get one step nearer to your dream job. Rowena Simpson from Giraffe Recruitment, an Engineering Recruitment agency will give you the benefit of her advice and help so you can write a successful…


Resume help please? Just a few tips needed?

Well, I am relatively young; therefore my work experience is limited. I have had two jobs. The first for a year and a half as an assistant manager, but it was fast food – not too impressive. The second I have currently been working at for 1 year and 2 months. I am still employed there. Although I am a very good worker and quite intelligent, I don’t have much to show for myself. What are some good ways to spice up my resume? I am actually just looking to…


Jobs in Alternative Energy Can Help the World

Most people searching for a career want satisfaction from their job, as well as a paycheck from it. The way they see to achieve this is to go to a good school and do well so they can land a top job.

There are those, however, who prefer a job that achieves some good in the world, even if they do not make a lot of money at it.

To some, that would seem odd, but there are people who find that it is more important to do a…


help with my resume please?

i want to include what computer skills i have on my resume. the sample/template that i’m following says:

Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Internet

I am proficient w/ Word, and have used Excel and Powerpoint, but I wouldn’t call myself proficient. i know the basics of the programs. how would i word that?

is it weird to write “internet” like that. should i say “mozilla firefox” or “internet explorer”?

i also know photoshop, but that’s not relevant to the job. none of them are…


I need help with my resume?

Can anyone show me a sample of a resume or does anyone know of a resume website that can give me samples. I am trying to get this job and I really need one asap.

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