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Need help doing job resume but this is going to be my first job?

I need help doing job resume but I haven’t had a job yet. I want to apply for a job but they are all asking for a resume. The thing is I haven’t had a job. Anyone can help me on how to a job resume and also what to put?

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What looks better on a job resume?

I’m going to college this fall and I have a choice between walking on a Division IAA football team or an elite business club/program of about 60 students called “business leaders”. Whiich one will look better to employers on a job resume?

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I am applying for a job that requires a resume?

I am getting my first job and I am 16. I was told, by the manager, if I just put in a resume the job is mine. But I’m not sure how to or what I need. I have looked at several samples of resumes and I know the format I just need tips! Please help! Also what should a girl wear to her first interview?

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Help. Where can I start over with my resume and job hunting?

I have not worked for the last 10 years. I have a college degree from back in 1992. I have anxiety disorder and depression and social phobia. I have no family. But I know I can work…… IF I can find a type of job that is fun and quiet environment. ANYWAY……… who do I need to go to get help on my resume? I do not have a resume and do not know what to put in there now.

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How do I write a resume for job search?

Im trying to help a friend without actually doing it for her,. so give some hints on how to write a resume for job search or applying for jobs.

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When I apply for a job why dont people write back?

For about a year now I have been looking for a job but when I apply for one by submitting a Curriculum Vitae or job application form nobody ever writes back to me to let me know if they will call me for a interview or tell me why wasn’t I successful.

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Can only post one resume to job finding sites?


I am looking for a job on different job sites but I noticed that you can only post one resume to these sites, which means you really can only apply to one type of job. What if you want to apply to different kinds of jobs that require different kinds of resumes? How would you do that? For example, your resume supports your experience in graphic design but you would also like to apply to jobs such as a receptionist or office clerk?

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Should the experience on my resume match what I put on my job application?

What if there are experiences that weren’t relevant to the job I’m pursuing? Should I include them on both my resume and job application? Do I include it on my job application, but not on my resume?

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Is it ok to include an availability schedule with a resume when job-searching?

I’m looking for a job but I have prior commitments that I absolutely cannot break and in order to cancel out the jobs that won’t work with my schedule, I am considering including an availability schedule with my resume.

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Do i need a Job resume if they have already asked me to come for an interview?

I have a job interview to a nice job i was, but i haven’t given them a job resume yet. Should i make one or just let it be without one.

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