How to tweek your resume for a potential job?

How can I make the Objective of my resume more applicable to a job that has the following mission statement and values? Also, are cover letters always necessary?

Our Mission

CUIDAR provides quality services to Orange County families and providers and promotes the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children ages 0 through 5. The program helps children succeed in their home and school environments by placing an emphasis on parent/teacher education, prevention and early intervention and cultural needs throughout the community.

Our Vision

CUIDAR will be a leading…


how do i write a proper resume for a job show me how to start off.?


How do I make a resume without any former job experience?

The job that I am applying for requires a resume, but I’ve only worked one other place. Will they overlook my application b/c my resume is so short?


Could a full year gap in my resume hurt my chances to find a good job?

I was working for a company for 5 years then I was let go for a policy violation.
Then another company hired me a year later, the company I was working
for closed down the division I was working at. So I only worked for them for 8
months. Will it be tough to find a job with a full year without a job on my resume.

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Do i have to write my current job always on top of my resume ?

My current job doesn’t pay well and it has no relation to what I want to do with my career.
Is it ok to put my previous job on Top and my current job on bottom?

Or do you think it’ll be a risk since they will think I am laid off for years now?
and don’t even bother to look down..??
Since i heard that the max time a recruiter looks at your resume is about 6-7 seconds?

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Has anyone ever created a resume to fit a job they wanted?

I recently graduated from college where I learned the basics of what I need to be an effective accountant. Unfortunately, it seems that since I have no experience, I can’t get a job in that field. I am seriously considering modifying my resume to show more experience in the accounting field. Has anyone ever done this? And what are the odds of getting caught? When you get a new job, you are usually trained their way, regardless of past jobs, right?

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Need help with CV(Curriculum Vitae)!?

I’ve applied to countless jobs and never gotten to the interview process. I am a student and really need a job, but no one will hire me!

I think it may be because of my CV layout. I can’t post my current layout on here, due to obvious reasons.

Could someone who has been a successful job applicant tell me how their CV is laid out?

College say to write a paragraph about yourself, others say to keep it short and snappy, others say not to bother. I just don’t…


Personal Investing Experience on Job Resume?

Can you add personal investing experience, such as trading equities and options, to your job resume? Not as work experience, but in a skills section?

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How much information is needed in a job description on a resume?

I’m trying to help a friend of mine write his resume. He has few skills and is a felon. When I ask him what he did, he gives simple answers. Is that all that is necessary? I’m trying to get him to be more detailed, but he doesn’t see the need.

Example: Auto detailer- Detailed cars.
Warehouse worker- loaded and unloaded boxes

When looking for “general labor” jobs, is that all that’s needed?

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how does a job resume suppose to look like?

im applying for jobs and they all need resumes. So how do i make one or set one up when i type it? what should i include? Does anyone have an example of one that i can look at? thanks!

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