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Resume advice/template?

I just graduated from high school and got an interview with Aflac, my responsibilities haven’t been clearly stated yet but they told me qualifications isn’t required and that i’ll get on the job training, but also asked for me to bring my resume. I need an advice what put down, because I haven’t worked that much plus i just graduated high school. A template would also be good

One Response to “Resume advice/template?”

  1. cam can help says:

    Well, if you applied to a job, there must be some sort of description to go with it – work on your resume to reflect how you match the description. If it calls for time management, reflect how you were in band, played basketball, and worked on the student paper all while getting good grades.

    As for format, keep it simple:

    Name, address, phone, email…centered on page

    Left margins:
    Experience (job history- any pt stuff you had, any school tasks that are relevant can go here)
    Special skills/interests

    Good Luck