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For resumes–do you think it’s important to…?

I’m trying to redo my resume. Most sample resumes I see include an ‘objective’ portion (with an answer like ‘obtain position at XX where I can maximize my XX skills…etc.) I always thought that was kind of silly–I mean, if you’re submitting a resume, isn’t it a given that your objective is to get a good job where you can utilize whatever skills you have? But people still seem to include it…
Do you think it’s important?

One Response to “For resumes–do you think it’s important to…?”

  1. Lynn C says:

    It’s difficult to know what prospective employers want to know. I wouldn’t get too excited about a resume that tells how wonderful you are on the job. The point of this whole job search thing is to get an interview. The guy or gal who reviews your resume is looking for more than your specific job qualifications (anyone can brag about how good they are). They are looking for people who are able to do more than their job. They are looking for people who are affiliated with groups and organizations that are related to your position. They want to hire people who are involved in community improvement activities. Leaders always take on more responsibilities than what the job description calls for. If you portray yourself as a leader in not only your job, but as a community leader, you will be head and shoulders above all the competition.