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Emergency Steps to Deal With the Loss of your Job

Just been shocked and awed by suddenly being handed the pink slip or been forced to resign because of a weird appraisal or transfer? Feeling as if the world is breaking apart? No clue about what to do about the situation and how to break the news to your family? Here are some tips in how to handle the situation.

Losing your job is not the end of the world.

First of all, try to retain your calm and don’t let the logical part of your brain be hampered. Try to think logically about the situation. The solutions would start popping into your head one by one if you maintain a cool head.

Think About The Positives

Though a cliched phrase, it is actually necessary for you to have a positive outlook. It is good that your stagnant life is being made to roar into life. The monotony of your 9 to 5 job is now being challenged by the new entrant who is bawling for your attention. Suddenly your kind can begin to buzz with ideas about the possibilities of life. All that time you wanted to devote to your family and spend on traveling is now actually available to you. If you think about it, you have been given an opportunity to find the completely different profession you wanted to shift to, but were hesitant to move out of your comfortable cocoon.

Take Stock

After having calmed yourself, review your financial situation and check whether the break you have been given can be utilized. See whether you need to start hunting for a job right away or if you can afford to take the month long vacation you so desperately wanted. Also check whether you have enough funds to manage the house comfortably for five or six months. Otherwise, you may have to think of taking a loan or a short-term job.

Fight The Feelings Of Shame

It is natural to feel guilty and shameful about losing your job. The responsibilities and constraints are bound to weigh you down. Just be patient about the situation. Even the best employees may have to face such situations. Though you might be cursing yourself for not making plans for such contingencies and for being caught completely off-guard, it is still not too late to save the situation.

Discuss Things With Your Family

Though you may not think yourself capable of facing your family, the deed has to be done. Chuck the idea if you are planning to hide the loss of job from your family. Remember that your family has the right to know about the loss of your job and trying to hide the fact from them is a stupid idea. Having assessed your financial situation, state your plan of action in clear and simple terms to your family. You would be surprised to find that your family is actually very understanding and accommodating.

Get To Work

In case you decide to look for new opportunities, contact the unemployment office, your alumni career help service, and the chamber of commerce.

Finally, just try and enjoy the change and do what you have always wanted to do – exercise, write, play games, watch the television and get going.

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