Finding New Jobs In The UK Has Never Been So Tough

When a company wants to cut costs, it usually uses means other than downsizing its employee base. However, when the company has tried all means without success, it resorts to firing employees or offering them early retirement. This is basically a utilitarian perspective – where some are sacrificed to save majority of the company and prevent it from going into bankruptcy.

On one hand, this can be a protective mechanism for the company. Alternatively, this presents a big problem to the fired or retired workers. Being laid-off offers quite a bit of negative consequences. First is loosing a stable income, second is loosing purchasing power, and third is the difficulty of finding a new job.In line with the UK government statistics, by June 2010, the unemployment rate for people aged 16-64 years old was 7.8 percent. This represents 49,000 people getting a job compared to the previous quarter but 23,000 less than people with jobs in the last year. The government has several benefits including a Jobseeker’s Allowance for unemployed people in the productive age but a person cannot rely on these benefits forever.How to get away from the Unemployment RutSo what is an unemployed person to do? When a person gets sacked, depression could be just around the corner. A person who feels depressed will present a negative image to a prospective employer. Therefore, before one does a job search, the mind should be prepared. It is advisable to approach the job hunt as a new and exciting challenge and a method to explore new niches. Emotional and mental preparation is key to success in this challenge.The Essentials of job huntingWhen searching for a job, you should prepare documents that would let the employer know he/she will be getting an employee who is reliable and possibly, experienced. The curriculum vitae or CV provides this information.Both resume and CV include the job seeker’s name, contact information, skills, experience, and education. However, a CV is more detailed and is usually preferred when applying for positions in science-oriented companies, research, and education job openings. It has to include a detailed academic background, awards and honours, teaching and research experience, and presentations and publications. When one is looking for a job overseas, a fellowship, or a grant, CV writing is the better option.Tips for Writing a CVThe CV has to include jobs that one has held previously and their respective durations. It also has to include qualifications including certifications and training one has undergone previously. One’s skills must be mentioned since these are what usually distinguish one applicant from another applicant. Hobbies and interests can be mentioned because they give insights to the employer on what type of a person the applicant is and whether he/she can adjust to the demands of the job. Adding people and their contact information is a great supplement in case the employer wants to do a background check.The subheadings in the CV can be the following: Personal Information, Summary Profile, Education, Training and Qualifications, Skills and Experience, Previous Employment, Hobbies and interests, and Persons for Reference. However, one should not make it too long such that the employer rejects it even before getting to one’s skills. Generally, a CV has to be four pages or less.Where to look for JobsThere are numerous jobs available, if one knows where to find them. One can go through the yellow pages and the newspapers for job advertisements but it usually takes a lot time of time before one gets that “Aha! This job is right for me” moment. The faster alternative is the internet. Many companies now post their job openings online. If one wants to work at a specific place, he/she can go to that company’s website and click the “Job Openings” or “Careers Available” link.The government actually has a website dedicated to job seekers called “Jobcentre Plus”. In this website, one can click the “Search for a job” link and get directed to a site where search terms can be typed. The search terms is actually a specific job (e.g. grade school teacher) and/or a specific place (e.g. London). The Advance Search option can allow a person to input the kind of work is desired (e.g. permanent/temporary) and how many hours a week he/she is willing to get it done.Additionally, there are non-government sites available. One can register at these sites, create a profile and upload a CV, fill a personalized job check list, and opt for email updates.How can i home based?If an individual wants to work but stay at home for the similar time, the option called telecommuting is now available. This can be a great option for those who quit their jobs to look after their children or to take a break from the regular office routine. Additionally it is a feasible choice for students who would like to have part-time jobs. Many companies now offer this option to job seekers. Mobile technology, as presented by the internet, makes this possible. One will be able to sift through the various telecommuting jobs available online; however, there might be some unscrupulous people who will get somebody to work but who will not pay in the long run.Finding new jobs in the uk has never been so tough, but with resolution and ingenuity, there are lots of ways to find a job or a career that provides satisfactory rewards. One must be patient, though. The job market can be competitive as well. Jobs which need a lot of training and a good academic background usually have a tighter competition than jobs which require less minimum qualifications. Consequently, a better trained person is also better paid. When one is not in a hurry in looking for employment, getting additional training is advisable. In the long run, what matters most is whether a person gets a job he/she really likes. Passion and fulfillment can be gained from such a job.

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