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What is Resume (for Scholarship) looks like?

I need to write and send a Resume along with my transcript for a schlorship. The problem is that I don’t know what a resume for a schlorship is? Is there any site which can show me some samples? I was going to send them my old job resume but I think thats not what they need.

I attended a college for 2 years than dropped out for 2 years (family problems), now I am going back to school. I don’t know what to put in for missing 2 years. (Funny thing is that they also want my sat score information and my high school infor.)

Can somebody give me some ideas on how to write this thing? please, I am clueless.

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One Response to “What is Resume (for Scholarship) looks like?”

  1. chokyi says:

    Hello Alex,

    You may find the sample resumes for scholarship here:

    For the missing 2 years, just include your working experience in your resume (as shown in the above samples).
    Hope this helps and Good Luck!

    Best regards,
    Chokyi Ooi
    Read the scholarship-related articles @