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Resume writing, do I include college if I dropped out?

Basically I spent 4 years at a school, but didn’t graduate due to bad grades… would I include this college on my resume, even though I didn’t graduate? Any other resume writing tips? I’m kind of a loser but I have to sell myself, apparently, even for a fast food type job.

Going back to school is not a possibility for me right now, due to me be absolutely broke and I have no money to feed myself let alone to pay tuition.

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One Response to “Resume writing, do I include college if I dropped out?”

  1. Jilly says:

    Please, lots of people didn’t graduate college. That doesn’t make you a loser. Besides, the current economic climate is making things tougher on everyone.

    Put that you attended college, I think, but don’t put down a graduation date because you didn’t graduate. In an interview there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re a few credits short of graduating but it’s something you want to do.