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How to write a job resume when you are 16 and have no job experience?

I am trying to write myself a job resume but i am stuck because i dont know what to include. i have never had a job before and im trying to apply at nearby restaurants like Panda express and places like that


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3 Responses to “How to write a job resume when you are 16 and have no job experience?”

  1. Lene O says:

    Look for areas of congruence: where do the skills you have overlap the needs they have?
    Punctuality, willingness to work carefully and follow their rules; honesty, accuracy with math -money; courtesy, willingness to learn…. are probably resources you do have.

  2. CGBaker says:

    Have good references such as coaches, teachers or project partners that can attest to how punctual and reliable you are, etc. List any involvement in clubs, after-school, and volunteer activities, as well as any applicable classes you have completed at school.

  3. Greg says:

    List skills you learned in other areas which might benefit the employer

    List your character traits: Honest, Hard Working, Willing to Learn…

    Hope this Helps!