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How to make a correct acting resume?


Age Range
Hair Color
Eye color
Voice type




Special Skills

Employment Detail
-Work History: Theater, Commercial
-Job Catagories: Acting, Dancing (what else goes in here)
-Willing to work w/o pay? : yes
-Authorized to work in US?: yes
-Primary Citizenship: yes

Okay does that sound all right?
Do i need to add or take out anything?

Any sample resumes i can see, because I saw some
other samles but they’re all different
and under training am i supposed to put like Piano Lessons, Swimming Lessons, Ballet Class, Hip hop class, Tumbling class?? Or just my acting and dance and singing training …. ??
under experience…do i put the talent competitions, art contests, and piano recitals along with my acting experience?

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One Response to “How to make a correct acting resume?”

  1. ELDORADO59 says:

    NEVER PUT AGE RANGE! The agents and casting directors might see you as being much younger or even much older than you actually are.

    Talent competitions, piano recitals, etc don’t go in experience.

    You can put piano, ballet, hip hop,etc in Special Skills/abilities

    Here’s a BETTER example:

    RESUME-ALWAYS use the 3 column format!
    Here’s the standard LA format. In NY, it’s usually the same but with Theatre being higher up than Film/TV (/ denotes column breaks):

    At the top and centered:
    Name (Centered and is largest in font size)
    Union affiliation (if any)
    CELL Phone Number

    Far Left side below the top and centered stuff:
    Hair color
    Eye color

    Right side opposite of statistics:
    Agent logo with contact info (sometimes if you have an agent, you can remove your own cell phone and email address. Then weirdos that find your stuff in the dumpster can contact them instead of you)

    Title/(Lead, supporting, featured)/Director

    Title/(Lead, guest star, co-star, regular, featured)/Network

    Title/Specific character played/Production company or director depending on who is more prestigious.

    ALWAYS put “List available upon request!” Do keep a separate list of the commercials with the Casting directors involved in case an agent asks.

    Skill learned/School or teacher/Location (LA, NY?)
    Skill learned/Teacher/School, Location
    ie. Cold Reading/Margie Haber/Margie Haber Studios, LA,CA

    Special Skills/Abilities
    Be creative with this. When I was starting out and interviewing with agencies, they would usually go straight there and talk about my special talents and even had me demonstrate some of them

    -Put extra work
    -Put Modeling/Print gigs. You make a separate resume for that.
    -Put age. If an agent asks you when you meet with him or her, then tell the truth. It’s for legal reasons. ie. Under 18 can’t work normal hours and need parent/guardian to sign stuff or you have to be at least 25 to do a beer commercial.
    -Put your home phone number or address unless you want weirdos coming to your house.
    -Put dates. It ages you!
    -Have it separate from your headshot. It should be cut to fit and stapled to the back of your headshot.

    If you don’t have many credits, show that you’re serious by having training from the best and a lot of unique special skills/abilities that you can actually do.