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What is a Perfect Cover Letter?

If you want to learn about writing the “perfect” cover letter, then this article was written for you.

The definition of a cover letter includes words like introduction, presentation and motivation. A cover letter must has all these characteristics.

The goal of the letter is to introduce yourself and present the particular attributes and work experience you possess that make you particularly qualified for a position. It is a perfect cover letter if the the reader is motivated to review your resume more closely than the other 500 they received , and contact you specifically for an interview.

Numerous websites populate the internet with detailed instructions on how to write cover letters. There are a plethora of samples that cover every job position and employment situation experienced by mankind.

The raw material is there but it’s up to you to shape the stock forms into a motivating presentation. At a minimum the perfect cover letter contains the name of the president or human resource director for the company you are applying to, some information revealing your knowledge of their company, the specific reason you are a qualified prospect for the position and conveys a high interest in winning the position. This needs to be done in one or two paragraphs on one sheet of paper.

Write with the interests of the company in mind. Promote how you can improve the bottom line, further their cause, or strengthen their position. Take the time it requires to develop these key elements and you will be on your way to writing the perfect cover letter every time.

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