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Any tips for writing a resume to get a job as a teacher?

Specifically Ontario elementary school if that makes a difference.

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4 Responses to “Any tips for writing a resume to get a job as a teacher?”

  1. novice says:

    you can consult on line resources of purdue university press

  2. A W says:

    The resume would be similar to that for any other job. First of all you would specify the qualifications you have and when and where you obtained them. It would be helpful to mention any skills or particular talents you have. After that you would mention some of the activities you have been involved in which have given you experience relevant to an elementary school e.g. if you have worked with children outside the school situation or if you have been a volunteer or a church member etc. It would also be important to put in some information about the qualities (character) you would bring to the position of teacher and mention how much enthusiasm you have and also the fact that you would be willing to take on extra curricular activities after school and so on. If you follow this you can’t go far wrong. Good luck. Hope you enjoy teaching once you do get a job!

  3. ClergetKubisz says:

    Consulting an online reference is probably the best way to go here, because you can get information that is pertinent and useful to your specific qualifications. Generally, you will want to state what degree you’ve got, where you got it, your license type and number if you have one, and any previous work history (up to five years if it’s not in education). In doing your work descriptions from your past jobs, include things that you accomplished, mainly. This means state what you did for them, and specific goals that you have accomplished. If you are a first-year teacher, then you should include a section on where you student taught, and what you accomplished with the students there. Other than that, it will depend on your specific achievements and qualifications.

  4. angel due 12/11 says:

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