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Sample Resume Cover Letter

Whenever you send a resume to a company in the hopes of attaining a job, you should always include a cover letter. Many people have more of a difficult time writing the cover letter than the actual resume. A cover letter is not difficult to write and if you would like to see a sample resume cover letter, go online and take a look at some of the letters exhibited on some of the employment websites. They are pretty much form letters.

A sample of a resume cover letter should look something like this:


My name is xxxxx and I am a file clerk. I am enclosing my resume in response to your ad in the Chicago Sun Times for a file clerk. I have been working as a file clerk for the previous three years at the XYZ Law Firm and feel I have all of the qualifications you seek.

I can be reached during the day at xxxxx or by e-mail at xxxxxx. I would very much like an opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the opportunity offered in the Chicago Sun Times.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope to hear from you.



This is a typical sample resume cover letter. Short and to the point. The first thing you want to do is introduce yourself and your profession. After you do this, you should mention the fact that you have enclosed your resume in response to their ad. You should be certain to mention where you read their ad, whether it was online or in the newspaper. Make sure that you also reference the job that was advertised.

You will want to tell a little bit about yourself in your resume cover letter, but you do not have to elaborate too much. Remember that you are enclosing a resume that will tell your perspective employer all about you. The cover letter is a mere formality. A polite touch to the resume. Many employers do not even read them and they often get tossed away. There is no need to write the great American Novel in your cover letter. But the letter is still necessary.

As you may have noticed in the sample resume cover letter, there is information where the person applying for the job can be reached. And telling the employer that you want to discuss the opportunity is a nice touch in a cover letter. It indicates that you want to learn more about the company. It is just as important for an employee to want to work for the company as it is for the employer to want the employee. An employee should never sound desperate in a cover letter.

Another point in the sample resume cover letter is the prerequisite thank you for your time and a hope to hear from them. This is a very simple sample resume cover letter. It is very to the point and is ideal for someone seeking a mid level job.

If you are seeking a professional level job, such as an attorney, you may want to elaborate a bit more in your over cover letter. Short and sweet is nice for most jobs, but for a professional position, you may want to talk about some of your accomplishments and how you heard about the opening. You can also talk about what you wish to accomplish in your career goals.

One thing you should never put in a cover letter is anything about salary, although more and more employers, particularly those online, are asking for salary requirements to be mentioned in the cover letter. This is usually done to weed out the people who will want too much money as the employers who ask for this information up front normally do not offer high pay. If you are interested in applying for such a position, be sure to add this information as directed.

To find a good sample resume cover letter, you can seek some of the information online at the employment websites. There are also various books on this subject. However, it is not really a difficult task to write a cover letter to accompany a resume.

Prior to writing your cover letter, check out a sample resume cover letter online and study the wording. Be certain to follow the rules as indicated above and make sure you check your spelling and grammar prior to sending the letter to the employer along with your resume.

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