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Resume Quiz: Know if You Need a Professional Resume Writer

Find out if you really need a help in writing your resume by answering these question with a YES or a NO.


Do you have any idea how recruiting managers and hiring people select the most qualified candidate?
Do you know what is “audience targeting” regarding resumes and cover letters?
Do you have no doubts regarding your resume?
Are you an expert when it comes to English Grammar?
Are you familiar with the formats in writing a winning resume?
Do you know the most popular resume templates?
Did you get calls after sending copies of your resumes to companies?
Does your resume make it lavishly clear that you have the skills, knowledge and experience that the employer is looking for?
Do you get call for every five resumes that you have sent?
Do you know the difference between a resume and a Curriculum Vitae?
Do you know what KSA stand for?
Do you know what “keywords” hiring managers are looking for in your career field?
Do you know if Wolverine of X-Men has something to do with your resume?
Are you an expert in formatting documents using different Word Processing software?
Do you want to stack yourself in a low-paying job?
Can you spell all the words found in a dictionary correctly?
Do you know the difference between a chronological and a functional resume?
Will you sacrifice your career writing your own resume?
Do you know the etymological origin of “resume”?
Do you know a company that will answer a”YES” to all of these questions? OK, I’ll give this one for you. You can answer “YES” if you have visited this site:


How to check?


If you answered 20 correctly (Number 20 is a BONUS remember?), congratulations! You can almost certainly write your own resume. Probably, you have been studying writing professional resumes for three or more years now and have written some 1000+ resumes.

If you answered 19 or below, give yourself a favor. Hire a professional resume writer to write yours because if you write your own you will probably end up waiting for nothing.

Dr. Mark Wells is a world renowned career specialist and professional resume writer with more than 10 years of broad experience in writing resumes and career marketing tools. He completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in English from Harvard University. At present, Dr. Wells is the Executive Editor and Head of the Writing Department of

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