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Job inquiry through phone call?

Recently I just sent my resume to a company for applying a job.
I have been waiting for a week without getting any response from the company. I really like this job and I plan to make a phone call to the company for inquiring my application status.
But I never make this kind of phone call before and I would like to seek help from you. Does anyone of you can show me a sample of job inquiry ophone call dialogue?
Thank you.

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4 Responses to “Job inquiry through phone call?”

  1. pshea642002 says:

    Unless your out of town, go in personaly! Dressed casualy, big smile, and an out stretched hand. Gotten me jobs before.

  2. ducky says:

    hi. this is (fill in your name here). just wanted to ask..when do i start?

  3. freind2all says:

    U : Greetings..[ur name], sir/madam, i hope i am not disturbing response to your advertisement regarding vacancy, i had applied for the post of ___… Would you please be kind enough to inform me the status of my application, as i m keenly interested to work for this profile

    I am highly grateful to ur reply.. thanking you for your response.

  4. deccaneer says:

    Having done the job, imagine it is not in your hands now. So be an outsider and ask boldly about their decision in your selection. Ask them with the due concern and care of a father calling the Principal about the performance of his son in school.
    To tell a fact, I bombarded a person known to me for 3 months on phone intermittently about the result of my interview performance, sometimes cursing his organization about the delay. When I joined the outfit eventually after 5 months, it turned out that the person whom I banged on phone (at least once in a week) was the very man who made decisions on taking people in the organization. Go ahead and all the best.