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Cover Letter Tip: Step Out of Your Career Comfort Zone

There are cover letters–and there are cover letters! Some are cookie-cutter predictable. And some offer a surprise–like a cherry under chocolate frosting. Which would you like to receive if you were a hiring manager?

I think I know the answer. You’d like the ones with a surprise–letters that show the job seeker has stepped out of his or her comfort zone and is willing to offer something special.

If you’d like to write such a cover letter, here’s the most important thing to do:

Express yourself in a clear and friendly manner, using language that will engage the hiring manager, wording that draws a reader in and compels him or her to read all the way through to the end.

In other words, write as though you were sitting together over a cup of coffee or tea.

1. Greet the hiring manager by name (not Dear Sir or Madam).

2. Create a headline that will grab his or her attention, such as:

Sales Executive Ready to Expand Territory

3. Write one or two sentences about your experience. He can read more in your resume.

4. Ask to meet for an interview and offer a selection of dates and times.

5. Provide your contact information–especially your cell phone number.

6. Thank the hiring manager for reading your letter.

7. Sign your name and then add a P.S. in a friendly tone. “Looking forward to meeting you in person.”

More Cover Letter Tips: ASK and You Shall Receive

Have you ever asked questions like these?

“May I have a chocolate ice cream sundae, please?”

“Are you free for lunch tomorrow?”

“Can you give me a hand moving my desk?”

“Will you loan me a few dollars till payday?”

Life is filled with such mundane questions. In order to get what we need and want we must ask for it–whether it’s a snack, a date, an extra hand. Yet, when it comes to including in a cover letter, the all-important request for a job interview, some job-seekers shy away from asking, “May I meet you to discuss the opening for restaurant manager (or whatever the position may be)?” or “May I come to your office for an interview?”

ASKING is essential. Without the question, the hiring manager has no reason to respond. Your cover letter might read well, but unless you ask for an interview, the manager will likely set your letter aside. You risk the chance of never hearing from that person about your interest in the job opening.

FOUR Keys to Landing the Job Interview

1. GIVE the hiring manager reason to keep reading your cover letter by creating a HEADLINE written and centered in Bold Text right above the greeting in your cover letter.

I Would Welcome The Opportunity To Interview For The Position Of [Fill In Job Title Here].

2. STATE your qualifications at the beginning of your letter: Thank you for describing the candidate you’re seeking to fill the position of restaurant manager. Co-workers and supervisions have acknowledged me for all the character traits you mentioned. I am organized, friendly, a solid leader, knowledgeable about the restaurant business, and excellent with customers and staff.

3. SUGGEST a meeting time in your final paragraph. Are you available to schedule an interview within the next ten days? I’m free any afternoon between 1:00 and 4:00. Expect me to arrive prepared and eager to listen to your expectations, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

4. COMMUNICATE your enthusiasm at the end of your letter. I look forward to meeting you and to hearing in person what you want in the person you hire to manage your fine restaurant. I feel confident we will relate well to one another. You can reach me any time on my cell phone: 555-555-5555. Thank you for the opportunity.

No need to wait and hope. Instead, put these cover letter tips into practice and unlock an interview for the job you most desire. Take charge of your future by asking for what you want. When you ask, you are much more likely to receive.

A well-written cover letter that sets you apart from other job seekers is one that shows you’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and show the real you.

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