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Gettin’ a Job with Alexandra Franzen [RESUME ROCKSTAR]

Alexandra Franzen ( fixes resumes and gets you your dream job. She is a Resume Rockstar, and will work with you to build a creative resume that stands apart from the rest. Whether your are in a career transition, searching for that perfect job, or just looking to brush up your assets – Alex can help. She also runs a killer blog, Unicorns for Socialism. Gotta love that! Today’s winner is getting an awesome prize package including a 60-minute session with Alex!
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8 Responses to “Gettin’ a Job with Alexandra Franzen [RESUME ROCKSTAR]”

  1. Bilal06 says:

    I can totally see myself getting in contact with her. I’ll need it.

  2. Traevynn says:

    What a great idea! Putting my face on Beyonce’s body would totally get me a job! *rushes off to find a People magazine*

  3. GayBoinSac says:

    OMG!!!!! I NEED HER HELP!!!! I’m currently UNEMPLOYED and have been almost 2 years now…I KNOW my resume BITES and DESPERATELY cries for AlLEXANDRA FRANZEN’S & UNICORNBOOTY’s help. My worst job ever was being on Graveyard Shift Clean-up Crew at an Adult Arcade in SF…..ewwwwww

  4. bobsforth says:

    worst job ever: medical specimen courier.

  5. JushiJuice says:

    wow she is a goddess. she seems so smart and well-gathered!

  6. Trentatrontarino says:

    cute guys haha :)

  7. cjisavailable says:

    “im unhirable” that was some class A acting shit lol haha …if i only had cash, i’d buy some of the cool products promoted here… keep up the good work

  8. pkLipe says:

    You guys are genius really you have amazing ideas for your videos like they fit perfectly. It’s like, you advertise different things but each ad connects to each other it’s superbly impressive.