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7 Tips for an Unbeatable Covering Letter

When a job vacancy is advertised in print or online thousands of hopeful applicants send in their resumes for consideration. So if you want to be short listed and land the much coveted job you must ensure that your covering letter is the best. It should be well written, precise and informative.

Make the letter relevant to the vacancy and highlight why you are most suited. Use relevant experience detailed in your cv in the covering note to indicate what you will bring to the company and position advertised.

1. Experts in HR advice that the covering letter should be specifically directed to the person mentioned in the advertisement.

2. Use a professional format and tone in the letter. If you do not know the person’s name address the letter to “sir or madam.”

3. The covering letter should be brief, never more than one page long. It is the teaser that must tempt the person to read further.

4. Plan to use several small paragraphs and keep sentences to the point.

5. Ensure that you include contact details and the date of writing the letter and information such as job codes given in the advertisement.

6. Make the letter job specific. Write why your experience matters and how it will suit the job advertised. The reader must be convinced that you are ideal for the job.

7. End the letter with “Yours Sincerely”.

Read the advertisement carefully and follow instructions in a stepwise manner. Always check the letter and cv for typos, punctuation, and errors. Never hand write the covering letter it should be typed with proper formatting and line spacing.

Be sure to present key points in logical order. Get another person to objectively read the letter. Avoid using too many Is and write a letter aimed at the “5 second reader.” Your professionalism should show through the letter as also your competence.

When in doubt use a “template” , a sample of one is given below.

Letter Template

Name & Title:

Your Address:

Position: Your Telephone number; email address.

Name and Address of Company:


Dear {Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Mr} {Name},

Position applied for and reference number may form a subject heading.

Paragraph One: Should introduce yourself and say why you are writing? Use a conventional opening stating the purpose of the letter, where and when you saw the vacancy advertised etc.

Paragraph Two: Introduce yourself and your abilities. Who are you?

What are you doing now or have done recently?


Paragraph Three: Highlight your talents: why you can do the job, your key skills, personal qualities, relevant experience, achievements. Use the Job Description and Person Specification to ‘Fit Yourself to the Job’ – give evidence! Be positive & imaginative but not arrogant. It is important to be convincing.

Paragraph Four: Say why you are applying. What attracts you to the job and company? Indicate: Enthusiasm, Motivation, and Confidence. Explain what you think the company can do for you and what you can do for the company.

Paragraph Five: Use a Conventional closing statement, confirm what you want. Indicate availability for interview or meeting?

Yours sincerely,


Print Name

Use good quality white paper and if its an e-application follow the formatting for emailing letters.

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