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Best way to state on my resume that Im 12 units away from getting my BA?

I have been in college for what feels like a million years and even though I have only 4 classes left I am looking for an admin assistant job. Financially speaking it is the best decision right now for my family.

Anyway, what is the proper way of saying “I’m pretty much done with my BA” on my resume? I saw expected “date” on one resume sample. I am just curious if there are any other ways to word it.

I would like to say something about only having 12 units left but I am not sure if that is necessary.

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2 Responses to “Best way to state on my resume that Im 12 units away from getting my BA?”

  1. maxmom56 says:

    Usually you state the name of the school, major, number of credits earned and anticipated date of graduation. That’s how I did it way back when.

    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    Better to focus on what you have done than what you have left to do. When you add this to the education section of your resume, by all means put down an expected graduation date. Take a sentence or two to describe your coursework, starting with “Currently pursuing a BA in such and such a subject.” If you have taken any classes or worked on any school projects that you feel would be applicable to your job, list them. This section should be brief (a couple sentences and maybe a short bulleted list), but ideally you can describe your education in a way that highlights your accomplishments and makes it obvious that you are taking senior-level coursework, without coming right out and saying that you’re 12 credits shy.