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In a cover letter should you state why you REALLY want to job?

I’m applying for a job as a museum interpreter. I want the job because I know people who started as museum interpreters and then got into what I want to get into — vintage and antique clothing, either as dealers, curators, or writers on the subject. Should I say that in my cover letter?

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2 Responses to “In a cover letter should you state why you REALLY want to job?”

  1. Pat says:

    Not necessarily. The purpose of a cover letter is a ‘hook’ to get an interview. In your cover letter you want to express your interest in the job and tell how you would use your experiences and skills for the betterment of the company. If you say what you’ve described, the prospective employer will think you only intend to use the job as a stepping stone. Even if you are, don’t tell them that.

    Good luck

  2. bb says:

    In a cover letter you want to explain what YOU can do
    for the company. Nothing else, do not say what the
    company can do for you because that just makes you
    seem like you want this job for yourself. (Which is what
    we’re out job hunting for, but in a cover letter that’s not
    what they want to hear.) What an employer looks for is
    a few sentences that help them understand what you can
    do for them. The worst thing you can do is ramble on, so
    state in a few sentences why you want the job and make
    sure it’s strong enough to catch their attention. When
    you get called for an interview, that’s when you would
    tell them about the vintage antiquing etc.