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Unemployment Protection Beyond State Insurance

The unemployment rate is projected to rise in the coming year.  We have not yet seen the bottom of the hill we are sliding down.  With mass layoffs at large companies, and smaller layoffs with small local businesses, no one is certain of their employment. 


There is something that you can do to personally prepare for the event that you will become unemployed in the future.  Just about everyone has some sort of insurance, whether it is life insurance, health insurance, mortgage protection insurance, critical illness insurance or auto insurance.  We all like to be protected from the unexpected or traumatic things in life.  Why is it that most people don’t have protection from unemployment?  Each State has an unemployment insurance most employees qualify for in the event of a period of unemployment, but the benefits are far from adequate to maintain your finances while you search for a new job.  The average unemployment check is only about $300 a week, and the average length of unemployment is about 16.5 weeks. 

Keep your family and your finances protected from unemployment with an unemployment protection plan.  Most plans pay a cash benefit to the member of between $1000 and $2000 per month of unemployment.  This is in addition to the state unemployment benefit that you qualify for.  Supplemental unemployment insurance can give you the cash that you need to pay whatever you see fit, from your mortgage to gas and groceries.  Look for a plan that pays you directly, and not something that just protects and pays your lenders as most plans do. 

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