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Write A Cover Letter That Rocks

The fact of the matter is that working sucks. No one is really into it just because he wants to. But then again, working is a lot better than asking for loose change. Therefore, a cover letter will be a necessity at least once in your life.

Take note that sending a cover letter to your potential employer denotes your desire to really work for your preferred company as well as your respect for the employer. Meanwhile, not having a cover letter and simply dropping your resume’ off translates laziness and you as being impersonal. A lot of private firms avoid such traits.

A cover letter is what?

First things first, it is a letter sent off to your prospective employer, attached with it is the resume.’ Take note that a cover letter is important for the following reasons: it allows the particular recipient to know to whom your resume’ is for, it also allows you to describe your skills and knowledge better than your resume’ could.

Believe it or not, a resume’ also allows you to drop some names which you think could get your foot in the door. It is therefore important to produce letters that are brilliant yet at the same time simple and quick. The following are some basic tips and suggestions to make your cover letter rock.

It pays to know

The fact of the matter is that a cover letter needs to be tailored for the employer you are sending it out to. Though you may recycle some basic details, every cover letter must have some reference on the company or employer you are eyeing. As always, ignorance is no excuse. If you know zilch about a company, there is only one thing you should do, and do well.

Research, research, research

It is highly advisable that you know vital business trends or technological updates on your prospective employer. It also pays to know any relevant transactions made recently as well as their trend for hiring people. Knowing their lingo and the common corporate phrases they use gives an added boost to your cover letter and puts you to a good light as someone who is taking the company’s vision and mission seriously.

Other basic info that you need for any prospective employers you are planning to send your resume’ to is the nature of the business, its major customers and clients, its corporate history, etc.

Though this sounds a lot like work, its because it is work. These efforts will most probably help you land a job. The more the employer knows that you are doing your homework, the likelihood of them thinking that you are a potential candidate.

Such a cover letter already gives you an edge over bland generic cover letters who did not care enough to give and send their very best.

Another detail you need to have is the addressee. Imagine if you receive two letters, the one addressing you as a To Whom it may concern person to one that specifically addresses your name. Which of the two letters would you be interested to read?

All in all, writing a cover letter takes a bit of your time and effort only because you are taking the company you are sending it to quite seriously. Chances are, they will do the same for you too. Good luck!

Mario Churchill is the President of CareerJimmy and author of “Amazing Cover Letter Creator.” Visit him at: for your “instant” cover letters today.

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