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Where can I find a job at a nonprofit in the Houston area?

I have been looking for a job working for a non-profit in Houston for months! Is there something I dont know? Why is it so hard for someone to get in? I have the experience/skills needed, but it seems likt there are no open positions. I want my job/career to really mean something, and impact my community!!!!! AHHHHHH! I’m so frustrated. Help!
I am willing to work in any area. Children, abuse, community outreach, foreign work, community development, urban planning. I have experience in event coordination, program management, public relations, marketing, fundraising, HR, volunteer training/tracking, vendor negotiation, budgeting, bookkeeping, travel arrangement, facilities management, and planning, negotiation, and execution of on-site and off-site events. I’m pretty passionate about anything thats is beneficial and worthwhile to anyone in need. I know I can make a difference, and with my experience at conceiving plans, and putting projects into motion, I’m sure I could impact any organization very quickly without spending too much time at the starting gate. I JUST NEED A CHANCE! Thanks!
I’ve already tried…

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3 Responses to “Where can I find a job at a nonprofit in the Houston area?”

  1. littleteedawg says:

    I am no expert, but I would say to be very careful of how you present your experience — in interviews and on paper. You obviously have good history, but there is a difference between being proud of what you have accomplished and feeling that you are entitled to a job because you have accomplished these things.

    Also, remember that Houston is only now beginning to fully recover from Enron and 9/11. Yes, corporate Houston suffered, but many Houston non-profits are forever changed. Throw all of the hurricane victims into the mix and competition for jobs is tight.

    Hang in.

  2. kadel says:

    Have you taken out the yellow pages and looked under social service agencies? Have you looked at civil service positions? sometimes
    The best way to find a job is to get out the yellow pages and find places you would like to work. Call them up and ask if yo u can fax over your resume and to who’s attention. Make sure the W If it’s vague the resume goes into the garbage. Only 10% of the job openings ever make it to the ad s. 70% of jobs are filled through someone you know-your mother’s cousin or whoever.