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How soon should I begin a job search for a relocation?

I am planning to relocate in the summer of 2007. Should I start sending out resumes now, or should I wait a few more months? I can’t move without having secured a job first.

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10 Responses to “How soon should I begin a job search for a relocation?”

  1. lil_butterfly_girlie says:

    get a head hunter

  2. congruent says:

    I would look two – three months prior to moving. However, make sure that you make the employer aware of your start date. It’s never a bad idea to start calling up places now and getting your foot in the door and spreading your name around.

  3. bigq615 says:

    wat kind of job my girl

  4. ligoneskiing says:

    the sooner the better

  5. Jacie A says:

    I would start looking now, as it can never be to soon to start looking for a job anywhere. Do some research for the area you want to relocate to. Try to find newspapers that might have job openins, and see what it is like there.

  6. steamroller98439 says:

    dont wate do it now and make sure you follow up

  7. cokebear5 says:

    It’s probably early to be sending out resumes for applying to job openings, but it is not too early to begin your search. I would suggest using the next few months to conduct informational interviewing. Contact possible employers in your new area and ask if you can talk with them to gather information about their company and future growth plans. Informational interviews can lay the ground work for a job search.

  8. hirebookkeeper says:

    Start searching for types of jobs you want, but dont actually apply until 6 months or so before moving.

  9. Jesse R says:

    Immediately! Here’s an option, get a job that you can take with you…seriously. It might not be a full time position for you, but it could be a hold over if you get started soon. After which, you could get there and start finding a new job in the area and continue this one.

    I would go there, enter in your information so you can see the video, and it explains it all from there. However, the real fun begins when you get the ball rollin’ and your first check comes, and then the next and so on. When you get started, I will walk you through the process step by step if needed just to make sure you are successful. (Please keep in mind; this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Hope This Helps and Good Luck!

  10. DJ says:

    Start looking now. Even if you’re not looking at accepting a specific postion having an idea of what the pay is in the area and the availability of work in your field will be helpful.

    Depending on your industry you might try contacting some of the temporary agencies or staffing firms in the area and see if they can help you with placement. If they have a branch in your current locale, you may be able to do testing and such with the local branch and have the results forwarded to the new region, which will help in your placement.

    Also make sure to post your resume (assuming your current job knows you are planning on relocating in the future) indicating your desire to relocate to a certain region. My husband’s last really good job came off Monster, paid 2x his former position and relocated us all expenses paid. We’re looking to do the same again in a year or so and we’re already listed on the major sites.

    The perfect lead can come at *any time*.