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sample relocation cover letter?

i was wondering if anyone had a good example of how to address relocating in a cover letter.

I currently live in CA but planning to move to TX. I was trying to find the right words to address the relocation part.
to a hospital and about nursing

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2 Responses to “sample relocation cover letter?”

  1. jlf says:

    A cover letter to whom/what? About what?

  2. M says:

    Well, this isn’t something I’ve ever thought of but my first thought is to list your current address and next to it “Residence as of 10/15/09″ and enter your future address. Obviously you would need to know where and when you are moving for this to even be close.

    In an interview the question would be asked of you, giving you the perfect opportunity to say it however you like. I hope this was helpful. Good luck with the job search and subsequent move.

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