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How should a teen write a resume when they have no past job?

I’m applying for a job as a hostess at a resturant that is currently being built. They suggested that I do the online application, as it is more efficient. One of the fields on the application included a button that said ‘upload your resume.’ Most places don’t usually require a resume from teens, especially for jobs like hostessing. when I clicked the submit button, a window popped up and said that I must submit a resume.

I have no clue how to write one, or how to format one. I’ve babysat a couple of times, I have a 4.15 GPA and I’m ranked 11 of 398 other seniors, but how do I include that in my resume? Should I include it? What else should I include?

Thanks in advance.

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14 Responses to “How should a teen write a resume when they have no past job?”

  1. keziah says:

    thats why you start off at McDonalds…lol…Uncle Donald so kind he don’t ask for resume

  2. moviesauce says:

    Include your babysitting work, your school performance (rank is less important, GPA is good), any groups, societies, teams, clubs you belong to. Essentially anything that demonstrates that you’re an active, responsible person should be included, as they’ll be looking at your character since you have no work experience. Good luck!

  3. savagesteve13 says:

    Just put in your educational history from highschool. They understand. All they care about is if you are willing to work the hours, can lift a certain amount of weight, and have your own car.

  4. tams says:

    If you have Word on your computer you can go into file…new…template…and choose a resume template and just fill in your info. Put any volunteer work, tutoring that you have done, ext. in the previous work history. If you have none then just erase that portion and detail your GPA, future plans, ext. Also, you may want to include a cover letter addressing the lack of work history, emphasizing your dedication to school and interest in gaining work experience. If you need help feel free to email me.

  5. mityaj says:

    You may write about your school achievement, activities, etc. Most people look (including myself when I hire people) look at the resume to see if the person is capable of the job he or she is applying for. Sounds like for you job you should mention in the resume that yo are friendly, responsible, good on the phone, etc.: skills needed for a hostess…

  6. crazyhumans says:

    What have you done as far as volunteering or have you belonged to groups or clubs? What are your special talents? Are you good with people? In a hostess job that is what is more important than your grades and all that because you will be dealing with people. You should have a friendly demeanor, a pleasant attitude, and the most important item of all A GREAT SMILE. :) because you will be the first point of contact. Talk with your school counselor and they may help you out.

  7. GregW says:

    Yes, instead of listing work experience on your resume, list your educational accomplishments. It looks like you have rather stellar academic qualities.

    A resume should state your name, address, phone number & social security number at the top. For an online resume, I would leave out the ssn for now. Then you list your experiences beginning with the last one first and work backword through your working life.

    A typical resume for someone with work experience would go something like this.

    Ex. June 2004-Present. List name of company. List job title. List duties you performed. List name of immediate supervisor and contact info (address & phone). State reason for leaving.

    Feb 2004-June 2004. List all the info like in the example above.

    And so on and so on for all your experiences.

  8. serveduphot says:

    I applied as a hostess as a teen. It would have been my first job. I didn’t get the job because I had no prior experience. It made me mad. How could they expect me to get experience if no one was willing to give me a chance to learn.

    You may be applying to a place that requires prior knowledge of this position. If you even had experience volunteering as a hostess this could help.

    You should write a resume and include everything about you that you think is an accomplishment that might be relevant to this position. You can use Word and they have a simple resume that you can be guided through to fill out.

    If you are at the top of your class I would suggest looking for a job that is better than hostessing. You would be surprised at what places want smart people even if you have no experience. I ended up with a better job at a bookstore that I loved. Think big!

  9. 2feEThigh says:

    Probably they want to save time by not having an interview with every possible candidate. They want to get a brief idea of what you have done, your education, so they can chooise the best from all who applied.

  10. Randy D says:

    If no one is giving you a format for a resume, then make up your own that highlights what you do have. You have some kind of education, so say it. Not only have you progressed to being a senior, but your GPA sounds respectable, so tell about it. If you’ve done some babysitting, then you’ve got character references even if they don’t qualify as “past employers”. If you’ve ever done an outline to some school project, then you can do a resume. If you want “outside help”, I’m sure there are some adults around you that can help put your qualifications on paper. You’ll do fine. Don’t worry. God Bless you.

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  12. lovellovel says:

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  13. cheeseisgoodstuff says:

    go to the VEC the Virginia employment commision at the campus of Thomas nelson and you can get free help with your resume or make one on microsft word, they have ones that are filled out and have a format already so you can use some of their words and ideas if you want to its pretty easy even i did it easily