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Im 14, I dont have any past job experiences…. what shall i do? (resume question)?

on the resume template, it says you have to list the past companies you worked for and experience, i have none, this is going to be my first job, will my resume be empty? What shall i do?

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9 Responses to “Im 14, I dont have any past job experiences…. what shall i do? (resume question)?”

  1. lexa10881 says:

    You should leave this area blank or list experience you have had [like volunteering?] rather than true job experiences, since you have had none. Most people who would look at your resume and see how young you are would not question why there is not an extensive work history on there.

  2. KK says:

    At 14 you do not need a resume. Considering this is your first job, you will need to gain experience before you can write a suitable resume. People will say list hobbies, volunteering, things you do for fun, etc. This is completely unnecessary.

    And I have to wonder what company will hire a 14-year-old considering labor laws do not allow that.

  3. gtrplyraj says:

    You’re 14, the jobs you’ll be able to get won’t require a resume. Standard applications may ask for personal references in which case it would be beneficial to ask a teacher to have their school voicemail number to put down in that area.

  4. Lorenzo F says:

    Write about your Volunteerism

  5. Jeff says:

    Leave it blank, or put “N/A” for not applicable.

    If you’re 14 and have no previous job experience, you’re not alone.

  6. rayt721 says:

    Your school’s guidance counselor should be able to help you write a resume. Even without work experience you have experiences with handling money, being nice to people, responsibility, and so much more. Put your mind to it. We all have highlights to boast of. Don’t be modest… what have you done in your life that will benefit an employer???

  7. alwayspink says:

    I would be surprised if you even got a job at 14. You’ll have to try very hard or find an odd job.

  8. chase. says:

    .. leave empty

    ..ask teachers if its okay if you put them down..

  9. Jerry W says:

    Well if this is your first job Then put it in…

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