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help with a cover letter with 2 years of job experience?

i am recently appying a new job in australia and i have a 2 years of experience in other company.can anyone tell me how do i write my cover letter? i`m only stuck in the middle which i do not know how to include my two years experience in the cover letter. thankx.

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2 Responses to “help with a cover letter with 2 years of job experience?”

  1. Michael M says:

    Cover letter should be this

    First sentence is your interest in the job and expression on why you want the interview.

    Second paragraph, you note that you have the experience to do this job and willing to accept any challenges and you can be an asset to the company

    Close out with your appreciation and how you are looking forward to a meeting and interview.

    Personnel directors and project managers do not have hours to read letters. Keep it brief and to the point and you will move to the top of the line.

    Good luck

  2. mk.duran says:

    well you could try first saying that im looking forward to being part of the “new company name” team. ive always been commended in my past experiences (if thats true) including my two year tenure with “your old company name” in which i proved to be an integral member of the team by accomplishing “insert accomplishments”. during my time there i continually sought to develop myself (and then list skills you learned or applied while there)…
    for your last company emphasize the skills you learned there or utilized…