I have not had a job for 7 years and am now looking. How should I address this in my cover letter or resume?

I have not worked for the last 7 years and am now looking for a job. How should I address this. Should I put something in my cover letter when I send out a resume? I have not had a traditional job, but have been helping my husband with his company, managing an office building we own and have an ebay store.
I have lots of experience especially in aerospace


I am faxing my resume to a company where I am applying for a job. What do I need to put on my cover letter?

It is an entry level job. I don’t have very much experience, and I want to make it as short as possible, and still have it be a good cover letter. What should I put on my cover letter?


is it ok to omit a previous job on my resume?

my resume is over 1 page in length by a couple sentences, i would like to make it only 1 page long. so is it okay if i dont write down a job that i had when i was 14? (im 20 now) and i made such little money at that job that i didnt even need to do taxes that year.


Is it true that a curriculum vitae or resume don’t necessarily REQUIRE an Objective?

That’s what people have been telling me lately. I’m 25 with a college degree (BA in Spanish but still not fluent because not enough grammar, culture, & conversation. Mainly ancient literature, which turns out-it won’t help my career field), but I’m not properly trained in my career field yet. I just need a full-time day job, so I can pay off my student loan & other debts, and pay for the schooling if I pass this exam to get into the School of Continuing & Professional Studies translation exam through…


How to tweek your resume for a potential job?

How can I make the Objective of my resume more applicable to a job that has the following mission statement and values? Also, are cover letters always necessary?

Our Mission

CUIDAR provides quality services to Orange County families and providers and promotes the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children ages 0 through 5. The program helps children succeed in their home and school environments by placing an emphasis on parent/teacher education, prevention and early intervention and cultural needs throughout the community.

Our Vision

CUIDAR will be a leading…


how do i write a proper resume for a job show me how to start off.?


Can you apply for unemployment if you have left your job for another?

If you have left a position you held for two years started a new job and after a week and a half they fire you because, they find out they cannot insure you on automotive insurance can you receive unemployment benefits?


How do I make a resume without any former job experience?

The job that I am applying for requires a resume, but I’ve only worked one other place. Will they overlook my application b/c my resume is so short?


What is legally allowed for an ex-employer to say to a new employer about your previous employment?

How much can a previous employer say about performance, why you left, and your position? I understand for most companies maintain the policy or the theory to get as much information as you can when inquiring about somebody, but give as little as possible when somebody calls to ask about a previous employee. What are the parameters of what they are allowed to say legally and in regards to liability? Does anyone in a Human Resource role know and how much gray area can occur?
I understand that they…


How do I find out if I’m elgible for unemployment compensation if I quit due my job due to my condition?

I quit my job in 2003 due to my medical condition and was denied my unemployment and currently disabled.

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