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Good Job, Career for me plan to go to collage. Help!?

I’m very good with computers.
I have excellent communication skills.(with most things)
I’m a very good leader.
I’m a good planer.
I’m organized.
I’m good at explaining and presenting.
I’m very technology savvy.
I’m very meticulous.
I love cars and boats.
I want to work a regular Monday to Friday.
Have good attention to detail.
I would prefer not to work in customer service and listen to people complain.

Thanks for the help.
Typo “College”

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5 Responses to “Good Job, Career for me plan to go to collage. Help!?”

  1. David S says:

    Everybody has those things.
    If you have good communication skills and are meticulous, why did you misspell “college?”

    Go with what you want to do, there’s a lot of “good jobs” out there in every field, pick something that will hold your interest.

  2. anna_sfa says:

    Sounds like you would make a great teacher

  3. Q says:

    before you look for a career, learn how to spell “college”

  4. doug s says:

    Unfortunately that last bit is what anybody working in a professional capacity has to deal with so, no offence, but get over it. I had to and I HATE my clients half the time.

    But they give me money, so I put up with them.

    If you like doing creative work you might think about being a Project Manger in a design firm. It basically puts you in charge of scheduling and such for major projects, you often liaison with clients and are a part of presentations and meetings with them as well.

    You basically keep everything on track, both time-wise and with what the client is aiming for.

    It’s good pay, can be great once you get up the ranks, hours varying depending on the company you work for.

    To give you an idea, as a web designer I make about $50 an hour, work 9AM-5PM, Mon-Fri. As a project manager, if you work in the UK you’ll make something similar.

    Don’t know about the US but I don’t imagine it’d be much different. I only worked as a freelancer in Vermont and that’s hardly a measure of the country.

  5. Peter K says:

    whats the question here? “Career for me plan to go to college?”